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Net tenders

Ailanthus class

30 ships

Technical information

TypeNet tender
Displacement1100 BRT 
Length194 feet 
Complement56 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun
8 20mm AA (4x2) 
Max speed17 knots
EnginesDiesel-electric, 1 shaft 
Notes on class 

US Navy US Navy ships of the Ailanthus class

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USS Abele (AN 58)
USS Ailanthus (AN 38) Lost on 26 Feb 1944
USS Anaqua (AN 40)
USS Baretta (AN 41)
USS Bitterbush (AN 39)
USS Canotia (AN 47)
USS Catclaw (AN 60)
USS Chinaberry (AN 61)
USS Cinnamon (AN 50)
USS Cliffrose (AN 42)
USS Corkwood (AN 44)
USS Cornel (AN 45)
USS Hoptree (AN 62)
USS Lancewood (AN 48)
USS Manchineel (AN 54)
USS Mastic (AN 46)
USS Papaya (AN 49)
USS Pinon (AN 66)
USS Satinleaf (AN 43)
USS Shellbark (AN 67)
USS Silverbell (AN 51)
USS Silverleaf (AN 68)
USS Snowbell (AN 52)
USS Spicewood (AN 53)
USS Stagbush (AN 69)
USS Terebinth (AN 59)
USS Torchwood (AN 55)
USS Viburnum (AN 57)
USS Whitewood (AN 63)
USS Winterberry (AN 56)

30 Net tenders of the Ailanthus class. 1 of them was lost.

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