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Para class

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Technical information

TypeTorpedo boat
Displacement560 BRT 
Length73,2 m 
Complement104 men 
Armament2 4" guns
4 47mm
2 18" torpedo tubes 
Max speed27 designed, 26+ service knots
Engines2-shaft, 4-cylinder VTE, 2 Yarrow boilers 
Power8000 IHP 
Notes on classAll 10 ships built by Yarrow, Scotstoun, the design followed closely that of the British "River" class. Ordered under the 1907 Naval Programme.
All units exceeded the designed speed on trials, the best being Parana which reached 28,76 kn. The class proved very manoeuvrable, tactical diameter being 375 yards @ full speed and 330 yds at 18 kn.
All could carry 140 ts of coal, giving them a range of 3700 nm at 14 kn.
Four of these ships were decommissioned before the Second World War. 

All ships of the Para class

Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy (more on Brazilian Navy)

Mato Grosso (CT 10)
Paraiba (CT 5)
Piauhy (CT 3)
Rio Grande do Norte (CT 4)
Santa Catarina (CT 9)
Sergipe (CT 7)

6 Torpedo boats of the Para class.

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