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Benham class

10 ships

The destroyer USS Stack (DD 406) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1500 BRT 
Length341 feet 
Complement251 men 
Armament4 5" guns
16 21" torpedo tubes 
Max speed36.5 knots
Notes on class

This class of destroyers, commissioned in 1938 and 1939, was based in part on their previous Gridley and Bagley classes.

US Navy destroyer classes during WWII:
Sampson - Caldwell - Wickes - Clemson - Farragut - Porter - Mahan - Gridley - Bagley - Somers - Benham - Sims - Benson / Gleaves - Fletcher - Allen M. Sumner - Gearing


All ships of the Benham class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS Ellet (DD 398)
USS Lang (DD 399)
USS Mayrant (DD 402)
USS Rhind (DD 404)
USS Stack (DD 406)
USS Sterett (DD 407)
USS Trippe (DD 403)
USS Wilson (DD 408)
USS Benham (i) (DD 397) Lost on 15 Nov 1942
USS Rowan (DD 405) Lost on 11 Sep 1943

10 Destroyers of the Benham class. 2 of them were lost.

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