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Porpoise class

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The submarine Porpoise (SS-172) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1310/1934 BRT 
Length301 feet 
Complement5 + 45 men 
ArmamentArmament six 21" torpedo tubes, four forward, two aft, 18 torpedoes.
one 3"/50 deck gun.
two .50 cal. machine guns.
two .30 cal. machine guns. 
Max speed19/8 kts knots (surfaced/submerged)
EnginesDiesels/Electric 2 shafts 
Power4300 / 2085 hp.  (surfaced/submerged)
Notes on classThese boats were the first all-welded submarines in the US Navy. Their speed was reported to exceed 20 knots. 

All ships of the Porpoise class

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Pike (SS-173)
Porpoise (SS-172)

2 Submarines of the Porpoise class.

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