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The destroyer HMS Ambuscade (D 38) of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1192 BRT 
Length323 feet (oa) 
Complement138 men 

4 4.7" guns (4x1)
2 2pdr AA (2x1)
6 21" torpedo tubes 

Max speed37 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power35500 HP 
Notes on class

Details as given above are for Ambuscade.

Details for Amazon are as follows;
Same as Ambuscade except
Displacement: 1597 tons
Power: 42000 HP

In the mid-1920's two destroyer prototypes were built. New technological advances in machinery and construction techniques needed to be exploited. The armament was the same as the World War One vintage Admiralty Modified W-class but there was a new fire control director system installed.

Early in the war these two ships had the after bank of torpedo tubes replaced by a 3" AA gun. Later these ships were modified for escort duties, they landed 'A' and 'Y' 4.7" guns. A hedgehog was fitted, as well as radar and increased anti-aircraft armament.

In July 1943 Ambuscade was fitted with the prototype of the Squid in lieu of the Hedgehog. The remaining bank of torpedo tubes was landed as well as the 3" gun. 65 tons off ballast was fitted instead. Also in 1943 Amazon landed the remaining bank of torpedo tubes and her 3" gun to make room for a ten pattern depth-charge outfit. 

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HMS Amazon (D 39)
HMS Ambuscade (D 38)

2 Destroyers of the Prototype class.

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