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The aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV 4) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeAircraft carrier
Displacement14500 BRT 
Length769 feet 
Complement1788 men 
Armament8 5"/25 AA guns
40 .5 cal MG.
86 aircraft. 
Max speed29.5 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power53500 SHP 
Notes on classUSS Ranger refitted at Norfolk Navy Yard in September 1941, guns were changed to 8 5/25 AA, 24 1.1 inch AA (6x4), 24 .50 cal MG. Second refit at Norfolk Navy Yard in January 1943, guns changed to 8 5/25 AA, 24 40 mm AA (6x4), 46 20 mm AA (46x1). The third refit from May until July 1944 saw all the 5"/25 guns removed. 

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USS Ranger (CV 4)

1 Aircraft carrier of the Ranger class.

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