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Submarine chasers

SC-497 class

443 ships

The submarine chaser USS SC-1008 (SC-1008) of the US Navy.

Technical information

TypeSubmarine chaser
Displacement98 BRT 
Length110 feet, 10 inch 
Complement27 men 
Armament1 3" AA gun or 1 40mm AA
3 20mm AA (3x1)
2 .5 cal MG(1x2)
Note; armament varied 
Max speed15.5 or 21 knots
EnginesDiesels, 2 shafts 
Power800 or 1440 HP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the SC-497 class

Brazilian Navy Brazilian Navy (more on Brazilian Navy)

Jacuí (CS 57)
Jaguarão (CS 55)
Jaguaribe (CS 56)
Javarí (CS 51)
Jundiaí (CS 58)
Juruena (CS 54)
Juruí (CS 53)
Jutaí (CS 52)

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

USS SC-1499 (SC-1499)
USS SC-710 (SC-710)
USS SC-711 (SC-711)
USS SC-1001 (SC-1001)
USS SC-1002 (SC-1002)
USS SC-1003 (SC-1003)
USS SC-1004 (SC-1004)
USS SC-1005 (SC-1005)
USS SC-1006 (SC-1006)
USS SC-1007 (SC-1007)
USS SC-1008 (SC-1008)
USS SC-1009 (SC-1009)
USS SC-1010 (SC-1010)
USS SC-1011 (SC-1011)
USS SC-1012 (SC-1012)
USS SC-1013 (SC-1013)
USS SC-1014 (SC-1014)
USS SC-1015 (SC-1015)
USS SC-1016 (SC-1016)
USS SC-1017 (SC-1017)
USS SC-1018 (SC-1018)
USS SC-1019 (SC-1019) Lost on 22 Apr 1945
USS SC-1020 (SC-1020)
USS SC-1021 (SC-1021)
USS SC-1022 (SC-1022)
USS SC-1023 (SC-1023)
USS SC-1024 (SC-1024) Lost on 2 Mar 1943
USS SC-1025 (SC-1025)
USS SC-1026 (SC-1026)
USS SC-1027 (SC-1027)
USS SC-1028 (SC-1028)
USS SC-1029 (SC-1029)
USS SC-1030 (SC-1030)
USS SC-1031 (SC-1031)
USS SC-1032 (SC-1032)
USS SC-1033 (SC-1033)
USS SC-1034 (SC-1034)
USS SC-1035 (SC-1035)
USS SC-1036 (SC-1036)
USS SC-1037 (SC-1037)
USS SC-1038 (SC-1038)
USS SC-1039 (SC-1039)
USS SC-1040 (SC-1040)
USS SC-1041 (SC-1041)
USS SC-1042 (SC-1042)
USS SC-1043 (SC-1043)
USS SC-1044 (SC-1044)
USS SC-1045 (SC-1045)
USS SC-1046 (SC-1046)
USS SC-1047 (SC-1047)
USS SC-1048 (SC-1048)
USS SC-1049 (SC-1049)
USS SC-1050 (SC-1050)
USS SC-1051 (SC-1051)
USS SC-1052 (SC-1052)
USS SC-1053 (SC-1053)
USS SC-1054 (SC-1054)
USS SC-1055 (SC-1055)
USS SC-1056 (SC-1056)
USS SC-1057 (SC-1057)
USS SC-1058 (SC-1058)
USS SC-1059 (SC-1059) Lost on 11 Dec 1944
USS SC-1060 (SC-1060)
USS SC-1061 (SC-1061)
USS SC-1062 (SC-1062)
USS SC-1063 (SC-1063)
USS SC-1064 (SC-1064)
USS SC-1065 (SC-1065)
USS SC-1066 (SC-1066)
USS SC-1067 (SC-1067) Lost on 19 Nov 1943
USS SC-1068 (SC-1068)
USS SC-1069 (SC-1069)
USS SC-1070 (SC-1070)
USS SC-1071 (SC-1071)
USS SC-1072 (SC-1072) Lost on 18 Jul 1944
USS SC-1073 (SC-1073)
USS SC-1074 (SC-1074)
USS SC-1075 (SC-1075)
USS SC-1076 (SC-1076)
USS SC-1266 (SC-1266)
USS SC-1267 (SC-1267)
USS SC-1268 (SC-1268)
USS SC-1269 (SC-1269)
USS SC-1270 (SC-1270)
USS SC-1271 (SC-1271)
USS SC-1272 (SC-1272)
USS SC-1273 (SC-1273)
USS SC-1274 (SC-1274)
USS SC-1275 (SC-1275)
USS SC-1276 (SC-1276)
USS SC-1277 (SC-1277)
USS SC-1278 (SC-1278)
USS SC-1279 (SC-1279)
USS SC-1280 (SC-1280)
USS SC-1281 (SC-1281)
USS SC-1282 (SC-1282)
USS SC-1283 (SC-1283)
USS SC-1284 (SC-1284)
USS SC-1285 (SC-1285)
USS SC-1286 (SC-1286)
USS SC-1287 (SC-1287)
USS SC-1288 (SC-1288) (To Brasil as Jacuí)
USS SC-1289 (SC-1289) (To Brasil as Jundiaí)
USS SC-1290 (SC-1290)
USS SC-1291 (SC-1291)
USS SC-1292 (SC-1292)
USS SC-1293 (SC-1293)
USS SC-1294 (SC-1294)
USS SC-1295 (SC-1295)
USS SC-1296 (SC-1296)
USS SC-1297 (SC-1297)
USS SC-1298 (SC-1298)
USS SC-1299 (SC-1299)
USS SC-1300 (SC-1300)
USS SC-1301 (SC-1301)
USS SC-1302 (SC-1302)
USS SC-1303 (SC-1303)
USS SC-1304 (SC-1304)
USS SC-1305 (SC-1305)
USS SC-1306 (SC-1306)
USS SC-1307 (SC-1307)
USS SC-1308 (SC-1308)
USS SC-1309 (SC-1309)
USS SC-1310 (SC-1310)
USS SC-1311 (SC-1311)
USS SC-1312 (SC-1312)
USS SC-1313 (SC-1313)
USS SC-1314 (SC-1314)
USS SC-1315 (SC-1315)
USS SC-1316 (SC-1316)
USS SC-1317 (SC-1317)
USS SC-1318 (SC-1318)
USS SC-1319 (SC-1319)
USS SC-1320 (SC-1320)
USS SC-1321 (SC-1321)
USS SC-1322 (SC-1322)
USS SC-1323 (SC-1323)
USS SC-1324 (SC-1324)
USS SC-1325 (SC-1325)
USS SC-1326 (SC-1326)
USS SC-1327 (SC-1327)
USS SC-1328 (SC-1328)
USS SC-1329 (SC-1329)
USS SC-1330 (SC-1330)
USS SC-1331 (SC-1331)
USS SC-1332 (SC-1332)
USS SC-1333 (SC-1333)
USS SC-1334 (SC-1334)
USS SC-1335 (SC-1335)
USS SC-1336 (SC-1336)
USS SC-1337 (SC-1337)
USS SC-1338 (SC-1338)
USS SC-1339 (SC-1339)
USS SC-1340 (SC-1340)
USS SC-1341 (SC-1341)
USS SC-1342 (SC-1342)
USS SC-1343 (SC-1343)
USS SC-1344 (SC-1344)
USS SC-1345 (SC-1345)
USS SC-1346 (SC-1346)
USS SC-1347 (SC-1347)
USS SC-1348 (SC-1348)
USS SC-1349 (SC-1349)
USS SC-1350 (SC-1350)
USS SC-1351 (SC-1351)
USS SC-1352 (SC-1352)
USS SC-1353 (SC-1353)
USS SC-1354 (SC-1354)
USS SC-1355 (SC-1355)
USS SC-1356 (SC-1356)
USS SC-1357 (SC-1357)
USS SC-1358 (SC-1358)
USS SC-1359 (SC-1359)
USS SC-1360 (SC-1360)
USS SC-1361 (SC-1361)
USS SC-1362 (SC-1362)
USS SC-1363 (SC-1363)
USS SC-1364 (SC-1364)
USS SC-1365 (SC-1365)
USS SC-1366 (SC-1366)
USS SC-1367 (SC-1367)
USS SC-1368 (SC-1368)
USS SC-1369 (SC-1369)
USS SC-1370 (SC-1370)
USS SC-1371 (SC-1371)
USS SC-1372 (SC-1372)
USS SC-1373 (SC-1373)
USS SC-1374 (SC-1374)
USS SC-1375 (SC-1375)
USS SC-1474 (SC-1474)
USS SC-1475 (SC-1475)
USS SC-1476 (SC-1476)
USS SC-1477 (SC-1477)
USS SC-1478 (SC-1478)
USS SC-1479 (SC-1479)
USS SC-1480 (SC-1480)
USS SC-1481 (SC-1481)
USS SC-1482 (SC-1482)
USS SC-1483 (SC-1483)
USS SC-1484 (SC-1484)
USS SC-1485 (SC-1485)
USS SC-1486 (SC-1486)
USS SC-1487 (SC-1487)
USS SC-1488 (SC-1488)
USS SC-1489 (SC-1489)
USS SC-1490 (SC-1490)
USS SC-1491 (SC-1491)
USS SC-1492 (SC-1492)
USS SC-1493 (SC-1493)
USS SC-1494 (SC-1494)
USS SC-1495 (SC-1495)
USS SC-1496 (SC-1496)
USS SC-1497 (SC-1497)
USS SC-1498 (SC-1498)
USS SC-1500 (SC-1500)
USS SC-1501 (SC-1501)
USS SC-1502 (SC-1502)
USS SC-1503 (SC-1503)
USS SC-1504 (SC-1504)
USS SC-1505 (SC-1505)
USS SC-1506 (SC-1506)
USS SC-1507 (SC-1507)
USS SC-1508 (SC-1508)
USS SC-1509 (SC-1509)
USS SC-1510 (SC-1510)
USS SC-1511 (SC-1511)
USS SC-1512 (SC-1512)
USS SC-1513 (SC-1513)
USS SC-1514 (SC-1514)
USS SC-1515 (SC-1515)
USS SC-1516 (SC-1516)
USS SC-1517 (SC-1517)
USS SC-1518 (SC-1518)
USS SC-1519 (SC-1519)
USS SC-1520 (SC-1520)
USS SC-498 (SC-498)
USS SC-499 (SC-499)
USS SC-500 (SC-500)
USS SC-501 (SC-501)
USS SC-502 (SC-502)
USS SC-503 (SC-503)
USS SC-504 (SC-504)
USS SC-505 (SC-505)
USS SC-506 (SC-506)
USS SC-507 (SC-507)
USS SC-508 (SC-508)
USS SC-511 (SC-511)
USS SC-512 (SC-512)
USS SC-513 (SC-513)
USS SC-514 (SC-514)
USS SC-515 (SC-515)
USS SC-516 (SC-516)
USS SC-517 (SC-517)
USS SC-518 (SC-518)
USS SC-519 (SC-519)
USS SC-520 (SC-520)
USS SC-521 (SC-521) Lost on 11 Jul 1945
USS SC-522 (SC-522)
USS SC-524 (SC-524)
USS SC-525 (SC-525)
USS SC-526 (SC-526)
USS SC-527 (SC-527)
USS SC-528 (SC-528)
USS SC-529 (SC-529)
USS SC-530 (SC-530)
USS SC-531 (SC-531)
USS SC-532 (SC-532)
USS SC-533 (SC-533)
USS SC-534 (SC-534)
USS SC-535 (SC-535)
USS SC-536 (SC-536)
USS SC-537 (SC-537)
USS SC-538 (SC-538)
USS SC-539 (SC-539)
USS SC-540 (SC-540)
USS SC-541 (SC-541)
USS SC-628 (SC-628)
USS SC-629 (SC-629)
USS SC-630 (SC-630)
USS SC-631 (SC-631)
USS SC-632 (SC-632) Lost on 16 Sep 1945
USS SC-633 (SC-633)
USS SC-634 (SC-634)
USS SC-635 (SC-635)
USS SC-636 (SC-636) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS SC-637 (SC-637)
USS SC-638 (SC-638)
USS SC-639 (SC-639)
USS SC-640 (SC-640)
USS SC-641 (SC-641)
USS SC-642 (SC-642)
USS SC-643 (SC-643)
USS SC-644 (SC-644)
USS SC-645 (SC-645)
USS SC-646 (SC-646)
USS SC-647 (SC-647)
USS SC-648 (SC-648)
USS SC-649 (SC-649)
USS SC-650 (SC-650)
USS SC-651 (SC-651)
USS SC-652 (SC-652)
USS SC-653 (SC-653)
USS SC-654 (SC-654)
USS SC-655 (SC-655)
USS SC-656 (SC-656)
USS SC-657 (SC-657)
USS SC-658 (SC-658)
USS SC-659 (SC-659)
USS SC-660 (SC-660)
USS SC-661 (SC-661)
USS SC-662 (SC-662)
USS SC-663 (SC-663)
USS SC-664 (SC-664)
USS SC-665 (SC-665)
USS SC-666 (SC-666)
USS SC-667 (SC-667)
USS SC-668 (SC-668)
USS SC-669 (SC-669)
USS SC-670 (SC-670)
USS SC-671 (SC-671)
USS SC-672 (SC-672)
USS SC-673 (SC-673)
USS SC-674 (SC-674)
USS SC-675 (SC-675)
USS SC-676 (SC-676)
USS SC-677 (SC-677)
USS SC-678 (SC-678)
USS SC-679 (SC-679)
USS SC-680 (SC-680)
USS SC-681 (SC-681)
USS SC-682 (SC-682)
USS SC-683 (SC-683)
USS SC-684 (SC-684)
USS SC-685 (SC-685)
USS SC-686 (SC-686) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS SC-687 (SC-687)
USS SC-688 (SC-688)
USS SC-689 (SC-689)
USS SC-690 (SC-690)
USS SC-691 (SC-691)
USS SC-692 (SC-692)
USS SC-693 (SC-693)
USS SC-694 (SC-694) Lost on 23 Aug 1943
USS SC-695 (SC-695)
USS SC-696 (SC-696) Lost on 23 Aug 1943
USS SC-697 (SC-697)
USS SC-698 (SC-698)
USS SC-699 (SC-699)
USS SC-700 (SC-700) Lost on 10 Mar 1944
USS SC-701 (SC-701)
USS SC-702 (SC-702)
USS SC-703 (SC-703)
USS SC-704 (SC-704)
USS SC-705 (SC-705)
USS SC-706 (SC-706)
USS SC-707 (SC-707)
USS SC-708 (SC-708)
USS SC-709 (SC-709) Lost on 21 Jan 1943
USS SC-712 (SC-712)
USS SC-713 (SC-713)
USS SC-714 (SC-714)
USS SC-715 (SC-715)
USS SC-716 (SC-716)
USS SC-717 (SC-717)
USS SC-718 (SC-718)
USS SC-719 (SC-719)
USS SC-720 (SC-720)
USS SC-721 (SC-721)
USS SC-722 (SC-722)
USS SC-723 (SC-723)
USS SC-724 (SC-724)
USS SC-725 (SC-725)
USS SC-726 (SC-726)
USS SC-727 (SC-727)
USS SC-728 (SC-728)
USS SC-729 (SC-729)
USS SC-730 (SC-730)
USS SC-731 (SC-731)
USS SC-732 (SC-732)
USS SC-733 (SC-733)
USS SC-734 (SC-734)
USS SC-735 (SC-735)
USS SC-736 (SC-736)
USS SC-737 (SC-737)
USS SC-738 (SC-738)
USS SC-739 (SC-739)
USS SC-740 (SC-740) Lost on 17 Jun 1943
USS SC-741 (SC-741)
USS SC-742 (SC-742)
USS SC-743 (SC-743)
USS SC-744 (SC-744) Lost on 27 Nov 1944
USS SC-745 (SC-745)
USS SC-746 (SC-746)
USS SC-747 (SC-747)
USS SC-748 (SC-748)
USS SC-749 (SC-749)
USS SC-750 (SC-750)
USS SC-751 (SC-751) Lost on 22 Jun 1943
USS SC-752 (SC-752)
USS SC-753 (SC-753)
USS SC-754 (SC-754)
USS SC-755 (SC-755)
USS SC-756 (SC-756)
USS SC-757 (SC-757)
USS SC-758 (SC-758)
USS SC-759 (SC-759)
USS SC-760 (SC-760)
USS SC-761 (SC-761)
USS SC-762 (SC-762) (To Brasil as Jutaí)
USS SC-763 (SC-763) (To Brasil as Javarí)
USS SC-764 (SC-764) (To Brasil as Juruí)
USS SC-765 (SC-765) (To Brasil as Jaguarão)
USS SC-766 (SC-766) (To Brasil as Juruena)
USS SC-767 (SC-767) (To Brasil as Jaguaribe)
USS SC-768 (SC-768)
USS SC-769 (SC-769)
USS SC-770 (SC-770)
USS SC-771 (SC-771)
USS SC-772 (SC-772)
USS SC-773 (SC-773)
USS SC-774 (SC-774)
USS SC-775 (SC-775)
USS SC-977 (SC-977)
USS SC-978 (SC-978)
USS SC-979 (SC-979)
USS SC-980 (SC-980)
USS SC-981 (SC-981)
USS SC-982 (SC-982)
USS SC-983 (SC-983)
USS SC-984 (SC-984) Lost on 10 Apr 1944
USS SC-985 (SC-985)
USS SC-986 (SC-986)
USS SC-987 (SC-987)
USS SC-988 (SC-988)
USS SC-989 (SC-989)
USS SC-990 (SC-990)
USS SC-991 (SC-991)
USS SC-992 (SC-992)
USS SC-993 (SC-993)
USS SC-994 (SC-994)
USS SC-995 (SC-995)
USS SC-996 (SC-996)
USS SC-997 (SC-997)
USS SC-998 (SC-998)
USS SC-999 (SC-999)
USS SC-497 (SC-497)
USS SC-1000 (SC-1000)

443 Submarine chasers of the SC-497 class. 17 of them were lost.

Strikeout means that ship was cancelled (not finished) - not counted in class figures.

See all Submarine chaser classes.

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