Allied Warships


Owasco class

13 ships

Technical information

Displacement1563 BRT 
Length255 feet 
Complement150 men 
Armament4 5" DP guns (2x2)
8 40mm AA (2x2) 
Max speed17 knots
Power4000 HP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the Owasco class

United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard (more on United States Coast Guard)

USCGC Androscoggin (WPG 68)
USCGC Chautaqua (WPG 41)
USCGC Escanaba (WPG 64)
USCGC Iroquois (WPG 43)
USCGC Klamath (WPG 66)
USCGC Mendota (WPG 69)
USCGC Minnetonka (WPG 67)
USCGC Sebago (WPG 42)
USCGC Wachusett (WPG 44)
USCGC Winnebago (WPG 40)
USCGC Winona (WPG 65)
USCGC Owasco (WPG 39)
USCGC Ponchartrain (WPG 70)

13 Cutters of the Owasco class.

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