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Technical information

TypeASW Whaler
Notes on classThese ships were taken over by the Admiralty.
Displacement and armament are listed, if known to us, on each individual page. 

All ships of the class

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Falk (FY 789)
HMS Helier 2 (FY 312)
HMS Kos XIX Lost on 3 Jun 1942
HMS Kos XXI Lost on 4 Oct 1941
HMS Kos XXII Lost on 2 Jun 1941
HMS Lurcher (FY 347)
HMS Mastiff (ii) (FY 350)
HMS Risør (FY 209)
HMS Sigfra (FY 324)
HMS Simbra (FY 321)
HMS Sobkra (FY 331)
HMS Solvra (FY 334)
HMS Sondra (FY 345)
HMS Sorsra (FY 342)
HMS Southern Breeze (FY 318)
HMS Southern Flower (FY 332) Lost on 3 Mar 1945
HMS Southern Gem (K 247)
HMS Southern Pride (K 249) Lost on 16 Jun 1944
HMS Southern Spray (FY 323)
HMS Southern Star (FY 329)
HMS Southern Wave (FY 325)
HMS Sposa (FY 309)
HMS Syvern Lost on 27 May 1941
HMS Terje 1 (FY 348)
HMS Terje 2 (FY 315)
HMS Terje 3
HMS Terje 4 (FY 339)
HMS Terje 5 (FY107)
HMS Thorbryn Lost on 19 Aug 1941
HMS Thorgrim Lost on 8 Apr 1942

32 ASW Whalers of the class. 8 of them were lost.

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class ships hit by U-boats (1)

3 Mar 1945HMS Southern FlowerSunkU-1022

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