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USS Beatty (DD 640)

Destroyer of the Bristol class

NavyThe US Navy
PennantDD 640 
Built byCharleston Navy Yard (Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A.) 
Ordered16 Dec 1940 
Laid down1 May 1941 
Launched20 Dec 1941 
Commissioned7 May 1942 
Lost6 Nov 1943 
Loss position37° 10'N, 6° 00'E

USS Beatty (Lt.Cdr. William Outerson, USN) was sunk after being torpedoed by a German aircraft off Cape Bougaroun, Algeria in position 37º10'N, 06º00'E.
11 of her crew were lost with the ship and 7 wounded and the survivors were rscued by the Boyle and Parker.


Commands listed for USS Beatty (DD 640)

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1Lt.Cdr. Frederick Carl Stelter, Jr., USN7 May 194212 Aug 1943
2T/Cdr. William Outerson, USN12 Aug 19436 Nov 1943

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Notable events involving Beatty include:

5 May 1943

Convoy TA 41B.

This convoy was only made up of one ship, the troopship Queen Mary (British, 81235 GRT, built 1936). She departed the Clyde on 5 May 1943 for New York and had on board about 5000 German POW's and also Prime Minister Churchill and his staff.

The AA cruiser HMS Scylla (Capt. I.A.P. Macintyre, CBE, DSO, RN) departed Scapa Flow in the afternoon of the 4th May 1943 and provided close escort for the troopship.

Around midnight during the night of 4/5 May 1943, the light cruiser HMS Glasgow (Capt. E.M. Evans-Lombe, RN) departed Scapa Flow to provide cover. HMS Glasgow returned to Scapa Flow on 10 May apparently having turned back on 8 May.

Around 1100B/5, the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable (Capt. G. Grantham, CB, DSO, RN) departed Greenock to provide air cover for the Queen Mary during the first part of her voyage. The carrier was escorted by the destroyers HMS Matchless (Lt.Cdr. J. Mowlam, DSO, RN), HMS Mahratta (Lt.Cdr. E.A.F. Drought, DSC, RN) and HMS Eclipse (Lt.Cdr. E. Mack, DSO, DSC, RN). They turned back very late on 6 May and HMS Indomitable and HMS Eclipse returned to the Clyde on the 8th. HMS Matchless and HMS Mahratta were detached on the 8th to proceed to Scapa Flow where they arrived later on the same day.

Also on 5 May 1943, around 0600B/5, the light cruiser HMS Uganda (Capt. W.G. Andrewes, RN) and AA cruiser HMS Charybdis (Capt. G.A.W. Voelcker, RN) departed Plymouth to make rendezvous with the Queen Mary. Rendezvous was effected on 7 May. Most likely HMS Scylla then parted company as she arrived at Plymouth on 8 May. HMS Charybdis parted company around 2100A/8 to return to Plymouth where she arrived on 10 May.

The Queen Mary then continued on escorted by HMS Uganda.

At 1345N/9, the heavy cruisers USS Tuscaloosa (Capt. J.B.W. Waller, USN), USS Augusta (Capt. G. Hutchins, USN) and the destroyers USS Fitch (T/Cdr. K.C. Walpole, USN), USS Corry (T/Cdr. L.B. Ensey, USN), USS Hobson (T/Lt.Cdr. K. Loveland, USN) and Murphy (T/Cdr. L.W. Bailey, USN) joined. They had departed Argentia, Newfoundland on 6 May. HMS Uganda parted company shortly afterwards and proceeded to Argentia, arriving there around 1045OP(+2.5)/11.

In the morning of the 10th the four US destroyers were relieved by four other destroyers, these were USS Mervine (T/Cdr. S.D. Willingham, USN), USS Quick (T/Cdr. P.W. Cann, USN), USS Beatty (T/Cdr. F.C. Stelter, Jr., USN) and USS Tillman (T/Cdr. F.D. McCorkle, USN).

The Queen Mary and her USN escort arrived at New York on 11 May.

28 Oct 1943

Convoy KMF 25A

This convoy was formed off Oversay on 28 October 1943.

The convoy was made up of the following (troop) transports; Almanzora (British, 15551 GRT, built 1914), Anne Arundel (American, 7796 GRT, built 1941), Aorangi (British, 17491 GRT, built 1924), Argentina (American, 20614 GRT, built 1929), Aronda (British, 9031 GRT, built 1941), Dorothea L. Dix (American, 6736 GRT, built 1940), Edmund B. Alexander (American, 21329 GRT, built 1905), Hai Lee (Norwegian, 3616 GRT, built 1934), Hawaiian Shipper (American, 7775 GRT, built 1941), Henry Gibbons (American, 12097 GRT, built 1943), James Parker (American, 10021 GRT, built 1939), John Ericsson (American, 16552 GRT, built 1928), Marnix van St. Aldegonde (Dutch, 19355 GRT, built 1930), Monterey (American, 148017 GRT, built 1932), Ruys (Dutch, 14155 GRT, built 1937), Santa Elena (American, 9135 GRT, built 1933), Santa Paula (American, 9135 GRT, built 1932), Santa Rosa (American, 9135 GRT, built 1932), Sloterdijk (Dutch, 9230 GRT, built 1940), Staffordshire (British, 10683 GRT, built 1929), Strathmore (British, 23428 GRT, built 1935), Tegelberg (Dutch, 14150 GRT, built 1937), Thomas H. Barry (American, 11250 GRT, built 1930) and Thurston (American, 6509 GRT, 1942).

On assembly the convoy was escorted by the destroyers USS Davison (T/Cdr. J.D. Collett, USN, with COMDESRON 15, T/Capt. C.C. Hartman, USN on board), USS Parker (T/Cdr. J.W. Bays, USN, with COMDESRON 16, T/Capt. C.J. Cater, USN on board), USS Mervine (T/Cdr. D.R. Frakes, USN), USS Boyle (T/Cdr. B.P. Field, Jr., USN), USS Champlin (T/Cdr. C.L. Melson, USN), USS Laub (T/Lt.Cdr. A.G. Hay, USN), USS McLanahan (T/Lt.Cdr. N.C. Johnson, USN), USS Nields (T/Cdr. A.R. Heckey, USN), USS Ordronaux (T/Cdr. R. Brodie, Jr., USN), USS Beatty (T/Cdr. W. Outerson, USN) and USS Tillman (T/Cdr. C.S. Hutchings, USN).

Around 1440A/4, the Strathmore parted company with the convoy to make a short call at Gibraltar. She rejoined the convoy around 1830A/4 having been escorted by the AA cruiser HMS Colombo (Capt. D.H. Hall-Thompson, RN) which also joined the convoy.

Around 0500A/5, USS Davison, USS Laub and USS Tillman parted company to proceed to Oran to fuel. They rejoined the convoy around 1345A/5.

Around 1415A/5, USS Minerve parted company to make rendezvous with the attack cargo ships USS Oberon (T/Cdr. D.G. Greenlee, Jr., USN), USS Andromeda (T/Cdr. W.A. Fly, USN) and the destroyer escorts USS Frederick C. Davis (Lt.Cdr. O.W. Goepner, USNR) and USS Herbert C. Jones (Lt.Cdr. A.W. Gardes, Jr., USN) coming from Oran. They (re)joined the convoy around 1800A/5.

Around 0630A/6, the Anne Arundel, Aorangi, Dorothea L. Dix parted company with the convoy to proceed to Algiers escorted by USS Ordronaux.

Around 0800A/6, the escort destroyers HMS Croome (Lt. H.D.M. Slater, RN), HMS Haydon (Lt.Cdr. R.C. Watkin, RN), HMS Tetcott (Lt. A.F. Harkness, DSC, OBE, RNR), RHS Kanaris and RHS Themistocles joined the convoy coming from Algiers.

Around 0815A/6, USS Boyle, USS Champlin and USS Nields parted company with the convoy and proceeded to Algiers.

Around 1800A/6, the convoy was attacked in position 37°13'N, 06°12'E by 35 German aircraft from KG.26 (Major Klümper). They attacked with glider bombs and torpedoes. The result of the attack was that the Marnix van St. Aldegonde, Santa Elena and USS Beatty were hit and heavily damaged. USS Parker, USS Tillman and HMS Croome were ordered to assist them. They all sank later, USS Beatty around 2304A/6, the Marnix van St. Aldegonde and Santa Elena sank in the late afternoon / early evening of the following day after attempts to tow them to Philippeville had failed. They actually even collided with each other while under tow. To tow these ships the tugs HMRT Hengist, HMRT St. Day and salvage vessel HMS Salveda were sent out from Philippeville. USS Mervine and the Ruys were detached from the convoy to remain in the area of the attack to take over troops from the damaged ships.

Around 2110A/6, the Hai Lee and Thomas H. Barry were detached from the convoy and proceeded to Philippeville.

Around 0810A/7, USS Oberon and USS Andromeda left the convoy to proceed to Bizerta.

Around 0950A/7, the Palermo/Naples section of the convoy parted company. This section was made up of the Hawaiian Shipper, Henry Gibbons, James Parker, John Ericsson, Monterey, Santa Paula, Santa Rosa, Sloterdijk and Thurston. They were escorted by HMS Colombo, USS Davison, USS McLanahan, USS Frederick C. Davis and USS Herbert C. Jones.

Around 1645A/7, the destroyer USS Wainwright (T/Cdr. W.W. Strohbehn, USN) joined coming from Palermo.

Around 2215A/7, the Hawaiian Shipper, Henry Gibbons, James Parker, Santa Paula, Santa Rosa and Sloterdijk parted company to proceed to Palermo escorted by USS Wainwright.

The Naples section, made up of the John Ericsson, Monterey and Thurston arrived at its destination around 1030A/8 escorted by HMS Colombo, USS Davison, USS McLanahan, USS Frederick C. Davis and USS Herbert C. Jones.

Meanwhile the remaining ships of the convoy had continued eastwards escorted by HMS Haydon, HMS Tetcott, RHS Kanaris and RHS Themistocles.

On 8 November 1943, the Argentina, Aronda and Edmund B. Alexander arrived at Augusta after having been detached from the convoy.

On 9 November 1943, the (troop) transport Devonshire (11275 GRT, built 1939) joined the convoy coming from Taranto.

On 11 November 1943, the Almanzora, Staffordshire, RHS Kanaris and RHS Themistocles arrived at Alexandria after having been detached from the convoy.

The remainder of the convoy arrived at Port Said on 12 November 1943.

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