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HMS Gulland (T 365)

MS Trawler of the Isles class

NavyThe Royal Navy
TypeMS Trawler
PennantT 365 
Built byCook, Welton & Gemmill (Beverley, U.K.) : Holmes 
Ordered4 Nov 1942 
Laid down30 Apr 1943 
Launched5 Aug 1943 
Commissioned30 Oct 1943 
End service 
HistorySold in March 1946.


Commands listed for HMS Gulland (T 365)

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1T/Lt. Charles Whillance Jobson, RNVR23 Oct 1943early 1944
2T/A/S.Lt. Wilfred George de Jonge, RNVRearly 19441 Apr 1945
3T/Lt. Geddie Angus Anderson, RNVR1 Apr 1945

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Notable events involving Gulland include:

13 Feb 1944
HMS Una (T/L. P.S. Thirsk, RNR) conducted A/S exercises off Stornoway with HMS Skokholm (T/Lt. T. Costley, RNVR) and HMS Skokholm. (1)

14 Feb 1944
HMS Una (T/L. P.S. Thirsk, RNR) conducted A/S exercises off Stornoway with HMS Skokholm (T/Lt. T. Costley, RNVR) and HMS Skokholm. (1)

16 Feb 1944
HMS Una (Lt. C.A.J. Nicholl, RN) conducted A/S exercises off Stornoway with HMS Skokholm. (1)

24 Apr 1944

Combined convoy OS 75 / KMS 49.

This combined convoy was assembled off Oversay on 24 April 1944.

It was made up of the following merchant vessels; Astrid (Norwegian, 2861 GRT, built 1942), Badjestan (British, 5573 GRT, built 1928), Baron Yarborough (British, 3388 GRT, 1928), Bradburn (British, 4736 GRT, built 1930), Dalcross (British, 4557 GRT, built 1930), Dalmore (British, 5193 GRT, built 1927), David Livingstone (British, 5013 GRT, built 1930), Empire Gale (British, 7089 GRT, built 1941), Empire Gareth (British, 2847 GRT, built 1942), Empire Meteor (British, 7457 GRT, built 1940), Empire Peacock (British, 6098 GRT, built 1919), Hopepeak (British, 5179 GRT, built 1938), Irisbank (British, 5627 GRT, built 1930), Johilla (British, 4042 GRT, built 1937), MacGregor Laird (British, 4992 GRT, built 1930), Marsdale (British, 4890 GRT, built 1940), Norman Star (British, 6817 GRT, built 1919), Palermo (British, 2797 GRT, built 1938), Sarpedon (British, 11321 GRT, built 1923) and Tudor Star (British, 7199 GRT, built 1919).

The rescue ship Zamalek (British, 1567 GRT, built 1921) was also with the convoy. Later, at sea, the escort oiler Scottish American (British (tanker), 6999 GRT, built 1920) also joined after having parted company with northbound combined convoy SL 155 / MKS 46.

On assembly off Oversay the convoy was escorted by the destroyers HMS Hesperus (Cdr. G.V. Legassick, RD, RNR), HMS Havelock (Lt.Cdr. R. Hart, DSC and Bar, RN), frigate HMS Gardiner (Lt. W.G.H. Bolton, DSC, RNR) and the corvettes HMS Flint Castle (T/Lt. N. Harrison, RNVR), HMS Oxford Castle (T/Lt. H.E. Holden, DSC, RNR) and HMS Rushen Castle (T/A/Lt.Cdr. R.C. Warwick, DSC, RNR). The M/S trawler HMS Gulland (T/S.Lt. W.G. de Jonge, RNVR (?)) was also with the convoy as was the auxiliary boom defence vessel HMS Basuto (T/Lt. N. Minshull, RNR).

En route the Empire Gareth and HMS Basuto were detached to Azores while the Badjestan earlier had returned to the Clyde arriving on 27 April 1944 as she had been unable to keep up with the convoy. HMS Havelock was detached on 28 April 1944.

On 5 May 1944, the convoy split into convoy OS 75 bound for Freetown and convoy KMS 49 bound for the Mediterranean.


Convoy OS 75 was made up of the merchant vessels; Astrid, Bradburn, David Livingstone, Empire Peacock, MacGregor Laird, Norman Star and Tudor Star.

On 3 May 1944, the following merchant vessels departed Gibraltar to join the convoy; Baron Inchcape (British, 7005 GRT, built 1917), Briarwood (British, 4019 GRT, built 1930), Fort Remy (British, 7127 GRT, built 1943), Fort St.Regis (British, 7140 GRT, built 1943), Hoperange (British, 5177 GRT, built 1939), Southgate (British, 4862 GRT, built 1926) and Stal (British (former Danish), 2242 GRT, built 1921). They were escorted by the frigates HMS Odzani (Lt.Cdr. L.A. Sayers, RD, RNR), HMS Aire (A/Lt.Cdr. N.K. Boyd, DSC and Bar, RNR) and the corvette HMS Stonecrop (T/Lt. P.N.F. Appleyard, RNVR). These ships joined the combined convoy when it split.

On 4 May 1944, the following transports departed Casablanca to join the convoy; Fauzon (French, 4376 GRT, built 1938), Guinean (British, 5205 GRT, built 1936) and John P. Mitchell (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943). They were escorted by the minesweeping sloop La Boudeuse and the patrol vessels USS PC-472 (Lt.Cdr. P.A. Dallis, Jr., USNR) and USS PC-480 (Lt. J.K. Miller, USNR). La Boudeuse and USS PC-480 then returned to Casablanca arriving on 5 May 1944. On 6 May 1944, USS PC-472 also arrived back at Casablanca having escorted the Empire Peacock to that place.

On 6 May 1944, the transport Empire Darwin (British, 6765 GRT, built 1941) departed Las Palmas, Canary Islands to join the convoy.

On 11 May 1944, the transports Astrid, Fauzon, John P. Mitchell and Southgate arrived at Dakar while the following transports joined the convoy coming from Dakar; Charles H. Cramp (American, 6220 GRT, built 1920), Dunkerque (French, 2477 GRT, built 1925), Fort Fraser (British, 7126 GRT, built 1942) and Newchang (British, 2482 GRT, built 1922).

The convoy arrived at Freetown on 14 May 1944. Some ships of the convoy did not enter Freetown but proceed directly to other destinations.


Convoy KMS 49, made up of the remaining ships, proceeded towards the Mediterranean with the original escort of the combined convoy. On 6 May 1944, the following transports arrived at Gibraltar; Palermo, Scottish American and Zamalek. Also the current escort arrived at Gibraltar.

The following ships of the convoy meanwhile directly entered the Mediterranean; Baron Yarborough, Dalcross, Dalmore, Empire Gale, Empire Meteor, Hopepeak, Isisbank, Johilla, Marsdale and Sarpedon.

On passing Gibraltar they were joined by the tanker Empire Cavalier (British (tanker), 9891 GRT, built 1942) and transport Port Melbourne (British, 9142 GRT, built 1914). Also a new escort joined for the passage through the Mediterranean, this was made up of the following ships; AA cruiser HMS Colombo (Capt. C.T. Jellicoe, DSO, DSC and Bar, RN), frigate HrMs Johan Maurits van Nassau (Cdr. A. de Booy, RNethN), sloop HMS Deptford (Lt.Cdr. H.R. White, RN) and the corvettes HMS Campion (Lt. T.F. Alderman, RNR) and HrMs Friso (Lt.Cdr. L.J. Goslings, RNethN).

On 7 May 1944, the following ships departed Oran to join the convoy; Esek Hopkins (American, 7191 GRT, built 1942), Facto (Norwegian, 1522 GRT, 1921), Joel Chandler Harris (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), John Blair (American, 7181 GRT, built 1942), John M. Morehead (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943), John Sergeant (American, 7191 GRT, built 1942), Tabitha Brown (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Titus (Dutch, 1712 GRT, built 1930) and Toltec (Honduran, 5527 GRT, built 1929). The tug USS ATR-1 (Lt.(jg) H.L. MacGill, USN) also joined the convoy.

On 8 May 1944, the following ships arrived at Algiers after having been detached from the convoy; Empire Cavalier, Empire Meteor, Joel Chandler Harris, John Sergeant, Port Melbourne and Tabitha Brown. Also USS ATR-1 was detached to Algiers. The following ships joined the convoy coming from Algiers; Abbazia (Italian, 3706 GRT, built 1912), Archbishop Lamy (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Bourgogne (French (tanker), 9357 GRT, built 1937), Cap-Pinede (French, 1320 GRT, built 1938), Charles Brantley Aycock (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Iceland (British, 1236 GRT, built 1914), James W. Nesmith (American, 7176 GRT, built 1942), Lucia C. (Italian, 6123 GRT, built 1922), Marathon (Norwegian, 7208 GRT, built 1930) and Samsylvan (British, 7219 grt, built 1943).

On 9 May 1944, the Cap-Pinede was detached to Philippeville while the RFA tanker Prestol (2629 GRT, built 1917) joined the convoy coming from Philippeville.

On 9 May 1944, the following transports / tankers departed Bone to join the convoy; Corfell (British, 1802 GRT, built 1934), Empire Lass (British (tanker), 813 GRT, built 1941), Fort Maisonneuve (British, 7128 GRT, built 1942), Fort Missanabie (British, 7147 GRT, built 1943), Thistledale (British, 7241 GRT, built 1942) and Thistlemuir (British, 7237 GRT, built 1942).

On 10 May 1944, the following ships arrived at Bizerta after having been detached from the convoy; Baron Yarborough, Empire Lass, Esek Hopkins, Facto, John Blair, Prestol, Titus as well as HMS Colombo .0 and Toltec while the following transports departed Bizerta to join the convoy; Edward Burleson (American, 7244 GRT, built 1943) and Joseph H. Nicholson (American, 7176 GRT, built 1943). The RFA tanker Celerol (2649 GRT, built 1917) also joined the convoy.

On 10 May 1944, the Lucia C. was detached to Tunis.

On 11 May 1944, the following ships arrived at Malta after having been detached from the convoy; Celerol, Dalmore and Empire Gale while the following transports / tankers departed Malta to join the convoy; Serula (British, 2187 GRT, built 1918).

On 11 May 1944, the following ships departed Augusta to join the convoy; Bantria (British, 2407 GRT, built 1928), British Commodore (British (tanker), 6865 GRT, built 1923), Chertsey (British, 6001 GRT, built 1943), Ekaterini Coumantarou (Greek, 7777 GRT, built 1917), Fort Aklavik (British, 7132 GRT, built 1943), Fort Richelieu (British, 7130 GRT, built 1943), Hjalmar Wessel (Norwegian, 1742 GRT, built 1935), Kiungchow (British, 2653 GRT, built 1921), Morialta (British, 1379 GRT, built 1940), Ocean Vesper (British, 7174 GRT, built 1942) and Vasco (British, 2878 GRT, built 1939).

On 11 May 1944, the following ships arrived at Augusta after having been detached from the convoy; Abbazia, Archbishop Lamy, Bourgogne, Charles Brantley Aycock, Corfell, Edward Burleson, Fort Maisonneuve, Fort Missanabie, Hopepeak, Iceland, James W. Nesmith, John M. Morehead, Joseph H. Nicholson, Marathon, Samsylvan, Thistledale and Thistlemuir.

On 15 May 1944, the following ships arrived at Alexandria after having parted company with the convoy; Dalcross, Fort Aklavik, Fort Richelieu, Johilla, Kiungchow and Ocean Vesper. Also HrMs Johan Maurits van Nassau, Deptford, Campion and arrived at Alexandria.

The remainder of the convoy arrived at Port Said on 16 May 1944 escorted by HrMs Friso.


  1. ADM 173/19189

ADM numbers indicate documents at the British National Archives at Kew, London.

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