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USS PC-476 (PC-476)

Patrol craft of the PC-461 class

NavyThe US Navy
TypePatrol craft
Built byDefoe Shipbuilding Co. (Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A.) 
Ordered26 Dec 1940 
Laid down2 Oct 1941 
Launched1 Jan 1942 
Commissioned18 Mar 1942 
End service 

Stricken on 23 December 1947
Sold to be broken up for scrap on 1 July 1948


Commands listed for USS PC-476 (PC-476)

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1William Carl Meyer, USNR18 Mar 19426 Jun 1942
2Roy D. Wilber, USNR6 Jun 194216 Jul 1942
3William Carl Meyer, USNR18 Jul 194220 Jul 1943
4Doyle P. Butler, USNR20 Jul 194319 Sep 1943
5William Pickering Jones, USNR19 Sep 19434 Dec 1943
6Wilbur M. Greenwood, USNR4 Dec 1943Ear./mid44
7James Samuel Munroe, USNREar./mid44Late 1944
8David Knapp, USNRLate 1944Early 1945
9Hugh J. Stump, USNREarly 1945Mid 1945
10Richard Henry Eggreston, USNRMid 1945Late 1945

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Notable events involving PC-476 include:

12 Sep 1943
Around 0600K/12, HMAS Vendetta (Lt.Cdr. J. Plunkett-Cole, RAN) departed Brisbane. At sea, off Caloundra she joined the transport Mormacsea (American, 7773 GRT, built 1941) and relieved her current escort USS PC-476 (Lt.(jg) D.P. Butler, USNR).

The Mormacsea was then escorted by HMAS Vendetta to the vicinity of Lady Elliot Island. They parted company around 1100K/13.

HMAS Vendetta arrived at Caloundra around 2145K/13. (1)

15 Sep 1944

Operation Tradewind.

This operation was an amphibious landing on Morotai.

Forces involved.

Task Force 77.
The force flagship was the Amphibious Force Command Ship USS Wasatch (T/Capt. A.M. Granum, USN, flying the flag of T/Rear-Admiral D.E. Barbey, USN. Reserve flagship was the destroyer USS Russell (T/Lt.Cdr. J.E. Wicks, Jr., USN).

Task Group 77.1 was the Escort Carrier Group under T/R.Adm. T.L. Sprague, USN. It was made up of the following Task Units.
Task Unit 77.1.1 was made up of the escort carriers USS Sangamon (T/Capt. M.E. Browder, USN, flying the flag of COMCARDIV 22, T/R.Adm. T.L. Sprague, USN), USS Suwanee (T/Capt. W.D. Johnson, USN), USS Chenango (T/Capt. G. van Deurs, USN) and USS Santee (T/Capt. R.E. Blick, USN).
Task Unit 77.1.2 was made up of the escort carriers USS Fanshaw Bay (T/Capt. D.P. Johnson, USNflying the flag of, COMCARDIV 25, T/R.Adm. C.A.F. Sprague, USN) and USS Midway / St. Lo (T/Capt. F.J. McKenna, USN).
Task Unit 77.1.3 was made up of the destroyer escorts USS Edmonds (T/Cdr. C.S. Barker, Jr., USN, with COMCORTDIV 63, T/Cdr. J.V. Bewick, USN, on board), USS Richard S. Bull (T/Lt.Cdr. A.W. Gardes, Jr., USN), USS Richard M. Rowell (T/Cdr. H.A. Barnard, Jr., USN), USS Eversole (T/Lt.Cdr. G.E. Marix, USN), USS Dennis (Lt.Cdr. S. Hansen, USNR), USS Shelton (Lt.Cdr. L.G. Salomon, USNR), USS John C. Butler (T/Lt.Cdr. J.E. Pace, USN) and USS Raymond (Lt.Cdr. A.F. Beyer, Jr., USNR).

Task Force 77.2 was the Cover and Bombardment Force under T/Rear-Admiral R.S. Berkey, USN. It was made up of the following Task Units.
Task Unit 77.2.1 was made up of the light cruisers USS Phoenix (T/Capt. J.H. Duncan, USN, flying the flag of COMCRUDIV 15, Rear-Admiral R.S. Berkey, USN), USS Boise (Capt. J.S. Roberts, USN) and the destroyers USS Hutchins (T/Cdr. C.B. Laning, USN, with COMDESRON 24, T/Capt. K.M. McManes, USN, on board), USS Bache (T/Cdr. R.C. Morton, USN), USS Beale (T/Cdr. D.M. Coffee, USN) and USS Daly (T/Cdr. R.G. Visser, USN).
Task Unit 77.2.2 was made up of the heavy cruisers HMAS Australia (Capt. E.F.V. Dechaineux, DSC, RAN, flying the flag of Commodore J.A. Collins, CB, RAN), HMAS Shropshire (Capt. H.A. Showers, RAN) and the destroyers HMAS Arunta (Cdr. A.E. Buchanan, RAN) and HMAS Warramunga (Cdr. N.A. Mackinnon, RAN), USS Ammen (T/Cdr. J.H. Brown, USN) and USS Mullany (T/Cdr. B.J. Mullaney, USN).
Task Unit 77.2.3 was made up of the light cruiser USS Nashville (T/Capt. C.E. Coney, USN) and the destroyers USS Abner Read (T/Cdr. T.B. Hutchins, 3rd, USN, with COMDESDIV 48, T/Capt. J.B. McLean, USN) and USS Bush (T/Cdr. R.E. Westholm, USN).

Task Force 77.3 was the Attack Force.
Task Group 77.3.1 was the Attack Force for White Beach under T/Rear-Admiral D.E. Barbey, USN, with USS Wasatch as flagship and was made up of the following Task Units.
Task Group 77.3.11 was made up of the destroyers USS Morris (T/Cdr. G.L. Caswell, USNR, with COMDESRON 2, T/Capt. E.A. Solomons, USN, on board), USS Mustin ( T/Lt.Cdr. J.G. Hughes, USN), USS Russell, USS John Rodgers (T/Cdr. J.G. Franklin, USN) and USS McKee (T/Cdr. R.B. Allen, USN).
Task Group 77.3.12 was made up of the amphibious transport HMAS Kanimbla (Cdr. A.V. Bunyan, RANR(S)).
Task Group 77.3.13 was made up of the high speed transports USS Ward (Lt.Cdr. F.W. Lemly, USNR), USS Schley (Lt.Cdr. E.T. Farley, USNR), USS Kilty (Lt. L.G. Benson, USNR), USS Crosby (Lt.Cdr. W.E. Sims, USNR) and USS Herbert (T/Cdr. J.N. Ferguson, Jr., USN).
Task Group 77.3.14 was made up of the LCI(L)'s, USS LCI(L)-28 (Lt.(jg) W.T. Witt, USNR, with COMLCIFLOT 7, T/Cdr. H.F. McGee, USN, on board), USS LCI(L)-25 (Lt.(jg) G.W. Connelly, USNR), USS LCI(L)-29 (Lt. J.F. McNamara, USNR), USS LCI(L)-30 (Lt.(jg) L.E. Larson, USNR), USS LCI(L)-224 (Lt.(jg) W.K. Bohn, USNR), USS LCI(L)-225 (Lt.(jg) W.S. Ogilvy, USNR), USS LCI(L)-226 (Lt.(jg) W.L. Harned, USNR), USS LCI(L)-361 (Lt.(jg) A.J. Hawkes, USNR), USS LCI(L)-430 (Lt. P.C. Hill, Jr., USNR) and USS LCI(L)-432 (Lt. M.D. Coppersmith, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.15 was made up of the LST's, USS LST-470 (Lt. D.J. Guthridge, USNR, with COMLSTGR20, Cdr. D.M. Baker, USNR on board), USS LST-245 (Lt. M.J. McCabe, USNR), USS LST-459 (Lt. N. Waggener, USNR) and USS LST-474 (Lt.(jg) H.T. Ross, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.16 was made up of the LCT's, USS LCT-947, USS LCT-939, USS LCT-940 and USS LCT-941.
Task Group 77.3.17 was made up of the patrol vessels USS PC-1119 (Lt. J.E. Martin, Jr., USNR) and USS PC-1134 (Lt.(jg). W.B. Marshall, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.18 was made up of the LCI(G)'s, USS LCI(G)-68 (Lt.(jg) J.D. Devaney, USNR), USS LCI(G)-70 (Lt. R.M. Jordan, USNR) and LCI(R)'s USS LCI(R)-72 (Lt.(jg) J.F. Dray, USNR) and USS LCI(R)-73 (Lt.(jg) N.M. Taylor, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.19 was made up of the tug USS Sonoma (Lt. W.R. Wurzler, USNR) and USS LCI(D)-227 (Lt.(jg) A.S. Eskind, USNR) [D = Demolition] ().
Task Group 77.3.2 was the Attack Force for Red Beach under T/Rear-Admiral R.A. Fechteler, USN, with USS Hughes (T/Cdr. E.B. Rittenhouse, USN, flying the flag of T/Rear-Admiral R.A. Fechteler, USN) as flagship and was made up of the following Task Units.
Task Group 77.3.21 was made up of the destroyers USS Fletcher (T/Cdr. J.L. Foster, USN, with COMDESDIV 42, T/Capt. A.E. Jarrell, USN on board), USS Radford (T/Cdr. G.L. Caswell, USN), USS Jenkins (T/Cdr. M. Hall, Jr., USN), USS La Valette (T/Cdr. W. Thompson, USN) and USS Stack (T/Cdr. R.E. Wheeler, USN).
Task Group 77.3.22 was made up of the amphibious transport HMAS Manoora (Cdr. A.P. Cousin, RANR(S)).
Task Group 77.3.23 was made up of the LCI(L)'s, USS LCI(L)-546 (Lt.(jg) W.B. Campbell, USNR, with, COMLCIFLOT 8, T/Cdr. F.B.C. Martin, USN, on board), i>USS LCI(L)-543 (Lt.(jg) L.S. Mosley, USNR), USS LCI(L)-544 (Lt.(jg) L.V. Sternberg, USNR), USS LCI(L)-545 (Lt.(jg) T.B. King, USNR), USS LCI(L)-547 (Lt.(jg) J.S. Peacock, USNR), USS LCI(L)-577 (Lt.(jg) E.J. Morgan, USNR), USS LCI(L)-578 (Lt.(jg) W.D. Rounds, USNR), USS LCI(L)-579 (Lt.(jg) J. Wood, USN), USS LCI(L)-663 (Lt.(jg) F.B. Stimson, Jr., USNR), USS LCI(L)-744 (Lt.(jg) J.B. Vallely, USNR), LCI(L)-746 (Lt.(jg) E.H. Chittenden, USNR), USS LCI(L)-747 (Lt. R.M. Burnes, USNR), USS LCI(L)-748 (Lt.(jg) D.R. Hassell, USNR), USS LCI(L)-750 (Lt.(jg) S.A.R. White, USNR), USS LCI(L)-958 (Lt.(jg) W.R. McCracken, USNR), USS LCI(L)-962 (Lt.(jg) R.L. Steele, USNR), USS LCI(L)-964 (Lt.(jg) H.R. dePue, USNR), USS LCI(L)-965 (Lt.(jg) A.T. Wellman, USNR), USS 967 (Lt.(jg) H.M. Piper, Jr., USNR), USS 968 (Lt.(jg) B. Shaw, USNR), USS 969 (Lt.(jg) J.W. Clement, USNR), USS 971 (Lt.(jg) V. Muse, Jr., USNR), USS 976 (Lt.(jg) W.C. Lawtom, USNR), USS 977 (Lt.(jg) J.T. Morgan, Jr., USNR), USS 978 (Lt.(jg) P. Tackett, USNR), USS 979 (Lt.(jg) M.J. Fleischman, USNR), USS 981 (Lt.(jg) T.J. Bailey, USNR), USS 1014 (Lt.Cdr. R.W. Moncure, USNR) and USS 1015 (Lt. G.Y. Harry, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.24 was made up of the LST's, USS LST-466 (Lt. R.E. McCarthy, USNR), with COMLSTFLOT 7, T/Capt. R.M. Scruggs, USN on board), USS LST-181 (Lt. R.J. Wilson, USNR), USS LST-452 (Lt. G.W. Morris, USNR), USS LST-456 (Lt. G.B. Libby, USNR), USS LST-462 (Lt. W.D. Gregory, USNR), USS LST-467 (Lt. M.B. Taylor, USNR), USS LST-468 (Lt.(jg) L.H. Bellis, USNR) and USS LST-472 (Lt. W.O. Tally, USN).
Task Group 77.3.25 was made up of the LCT's, USS LCT-948, USS LCT-942, USS LCT-943, USS LCT-949, USS LCT-950, USS LCT-951, USS LCT-952 and USS LCT-953.
Task Group 77.3.26 was made up of the Landing Ship Dock USS Carter Hall (Lt.Cdr. F.J. Harris, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.27 was made up of the patrol vessels USS PC-1120 (Lt. H.T. Smith, Jr., USNR), USS PC-1122 (Lt. L.C. Hall, USNR), USS PC-1133 (Lt. J.C. Chandler, USNR) and USS PC-476 (Lt. D. Knapp, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.28 was made up of the LCI(G)'s, USS LCI(G)-69 (Lt.(jg) H.R. Roesti, USNR, with Lt.Cdr. A.M. Holmes, USNR, on board), USS LCI(G)-23 (Lt.(jg) M.L. Russell, USNR), USS LCI(G)-64 (Lt.(jg) F.G. Love, Jr., USNR), USS LCI(G)-65 (Lt.(jg) C.J. Macaluso, USNR) and LCI(R)'s USS LCI(R)-31 (Lt.(jg) L.J. Haidet, USNR) and USS LCI(R)-34 (Lt.(jg) R.J. Sponsler, USNR).
Task Group 77.3.29 was made up of the minesweepers USS YMS-8 (Lt.(jg) E.S. Conway, USNR), USS YMS-9 (Lt.(jg) B.F. Hildes, USNR), USS YMS-46 (Lt. H.J. Topping, USNR) and USS YMS-51 (Lt.(jg) W.F. Montgomery., USNR).

Chronology of the passage towards the operations area.

1000I/10, Task Group 77.1, the Carrier Cover Group, (see above), departed Seeadler Harbour for the operations area.

1300I/11, Echelon M-1, made up of all Task Units of Task Groups 77.3.1 and 77.3.2 (see above) departed Maffin Bay for the operations area.

2300I/11, Task Units 77.2.1 and 77.2.2 (see above) departed Humboldt Bay for the operations area.

1000I/12, Task Unit 77.2.3 departed Humboldt Bay for the operations area. On board USS Nashville General MacArthur and staff is embarked.

Chronology of the initial landing operations in the operations area.

0630I/15, The order ' Deploy ' was given for the landings which were to commence at 0830I/15 (H-hour). The LCT's which had been towed to the operations area by LST's had just been cut loose and were now proceeding on their own. YMS minesweepers commenced sweeping the landing area.

0700I/15, between around 0700 and 0830 hours the ships from Task Force 77.2 bombarded their selected targets near the landing area. Carrier aircraft from Task Force 77.1 conducted fighter and A/S patrols and were also available to attack land targets. Following the bombardment the ships of Task Force 77.2 remained in the area to provide cover for the operation. They were released from the operation at 1800I/16.

0830I/15, H-hour, Landing operations commenced.

0900I/15, USS Carter Hall departed the operations area for Mios Woendi. She was escorted by USS Herbert and USS Crosby. All three ships had completed unloading.

1030I/15, Almost all LCI(L)'s, having completed unloading, departed the operations area for Hollandia. They were escorted by USS Ward, USS Schley and USS Kilty.

2000I/15, Five LST's and four LCI(L)'s, having completed unloading, departed the operations area for Cape Sansapor. They were escorted by the destroyers USS Morris and USS Jenkins.

1800I/15, HMAS Kanimbla and USS Manoora departed the operations area for Hollandia. They were escorted by the destroyer USS Stevens and the patrol vessel USS PC-476.

1700I/16, The remaining seven LST's, having completed unloading departed Morotai for Cape Sansopor. They were escorted by USS Anderson and USS Stack.

More echelons transporting troops and supplies arrived at Morotai during the next days. [These will not be dealth with here.]


  1. Report of proceedings of HMAS Vendetta for September 1943

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