(ex Italian submarine Reginaldo Giuliani)

Type Generale Liuzzi Italian design
Laid down 1938 Cantieri Tosi, Italy
Commissioned * 10 Sept, 1943 Krvkpt. Heinrich Shäfer
Commanders 12.43 - 08.44
01.44 - 02.44
Frgkpt. Heinrich Schäfer
  - No Commander -
Oblt. Werner Striegler
Career 1 patrol 12.43 - 02.44 12th Flotilla (Bordeaux) front boat
Successes None
Fate Launched as the Italian submarine Reginaldo Giuliani on 13 March, 1939. Taken over by the Germans, following the Italian capitulation, at Singapore on 10 Sept, 1943.

Sunk 14 Feb, 1944 in the Straits of Malacca, in position 04.27N, 100.11E, by torpedoes from the British submarine HMS Tallyho. 26 dead, 14 survivors.

The Reginaldo Giuliani arrives at Gotenhafen in April 1941 for
operation Marigammasom (the training course for commanders).

The visit of the Italian General Councellor in Danzig.

* Commissioned into German service.

These boats were roughly 1166tons on the surface, in many ways they were similar in measurements to the German type IXC, they had 8 torpedo tubes and carried 14 torpedoes and had a complement of roughly 57 in Italian service.

UIT-22 (ex Alpino Bagnolini) and UIT-23 (ex Reginaldo Giuliani) were identical boats.