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This is the complete index of the 14 U-boats German captured and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine during WWII. I hope you find this useful. If the U-boat number is in bold that means we have additional information on that boat.

Each profile contains all the information I have on the boats, including their original names and short history before capture in 1940.

Turkish UA The most successful of them all
British U-B The only submarine Germans captured at sea
Norwegian U-C1 U-C2
Dutch U-D1 U-D2 U-D3 U-D4 U-D5
French U-F2 (U-F1) *(U-F3) *
Italian UIT-22 UIT-23 UIT-24 UIT-25

* See the U-F2 page for more information.

All U-boats

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