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Ships hit by U-107

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Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
3 Feb 1941Günter Hessler Empire Citizen4,683brOB-279A
3 Feb 1941Günter Hessler HMS Crispin5,051brOB-280B
6 Feb 1941Günter Hessler Maplecourt3,388caSC-20C
23 Feb 1941Günter Hessler HMS Manistee (F 104)5,360brOB-288D
8 Apr 1941Günter Hessler Eskdene3,829brOG-57E
8 Apr 1941Günter Hessler Helena Margareta3,316brOG-57F
9 Apr 1941Günter Hessler Harpathian4,671brOG-57G
9 Apr 1941Günter Hessler Duffield8,516brH
21 Apr 1941Günter Hessler Calchas10,305brI
30 Apr 1941Günter Hessler Lassell7,417brOB-309J
17 May 1941Günter Hessler Marisa8,029nlK
18 May 1941Günter Hessler Piako8,286brL
27 May 1941Günter Hessler Colonial5,108brOB-318M
28 May 1941Günter Hessler Papalemos3,748grN
31 May 1941Günter Hessler Sire5,664brOB-320O
1 Jun 1941Günter Hessler Alfred Jones5,013brOB-320P
8 Jun 1941Günter Hessler Adda7,816brOB-323Q
13 Jun 1941Günter Hessler Pandias4,981grOG-63R
24 Sep 1941Günter Hessler John Holt4,975brSL-87S
24 Sep 1941Günter Hessler Dixcove3,790brSL-87T
24 Sep 1941Günter Hessler Lafian4,876brSL-87U
31 Jan 1942Harald Gelhaus San Arcadio7,419brV
6 Feb 1942Harald Gelhaus Major Wheeler3,431amW
21 Feb 1942Harald Gelhaus Egda (d.)10,068nwON-65X
29 May 1942Harald Gelhaus Western Head2,599brY
1 Jun 1942Harald Gelhaus Bushranger4,536paZ
7 Jun 1942Harald Gelhaus Castilla3,910ho
8 Jun 1942Harald Gelhaus Suwied3,249am
10 Jun 1942Harald Gelhaus Merrimack2,606am
19 Jun 1942Harald Gelhaus Cheerio35am
26 Jun 1942Harald Gelhaus Jagersfontein10,083nl
3 Sep 1942Harald Gelhaus Hollinside4,172br
3 Sep 1942Harald Gelhaus Penrose4,393br
7 Oct 1942Harald Gelhaus Andalucia Star14,943br
22 Feb 1943Harald Gelhaus Roxburgh Castle7,801br
13 Mar 1943Harald Gelhaus Clan Alpine5,442brOS-44
13 Mar 1943Harald Gelhaus Marcella4,592brOS-44
13 Mar 1943Harald Gelhaus Oporto2,352brOS-44
13 Mar 1943Harald Gelhaus Sembilangan4,990nlOS-44
1 May 1943Harald Gelhaus Port Victor12,411br
28 Aug 1943Volker Simmermacher Albert Gallatin (d.)7,176am
11 Sep 1943Volker Simmermacher USS Rapidan (AO 18) (d.) [Mine]8,246amNG-385
13 Jun 1944Volker Simmermacher Lark (d.)148am

39 ships sunk (217,786 tons) and 4 ships damaged (25,638 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

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