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Torpedoes in the Gulf

By Wiggins, Melanie
1995, Texas A&M University Press
ISBN 0890966486
Hardcover, 265 pages, 32 b&w photos, 1 map

Descripton: This book covers the period 1942-43 when U-boats sank 56 merchant ships in the Gulf of Mexico. The book includes personal recollections of both U.S. Navy/Merchant Marine and German personnel who served during this time. War diaries from both sides and declassified military documents provide the historical context for the veterans' personal stories. Boats discussed include U-506, U-507, U-106, U-753, U-158, U-67, U-171, U-166, U-155, U-527, and U-518.

From the review: This book explores U-boat operations in US waters as viewed by inhabitants of Galveston and the Gulf area as well as the United States as a whole. From newspapers and other contemporary sources the author reconstructs the nation's faltering steps to ...
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U-boats of WWII. U-106
U-boats of WWII. U-155
U-boats of WWII. U-158
U-boats of WWII. U-166
U-boats of WWII. U-171
U-boats of WWII. U-506
U-boats of WWII. U-507
U-boats of WWII. U-518
U-boats of WWII. U-527
U-boats of WWII. U-67
U-boats of WWII. U-753

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