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Q-ships versus U-boats

America's Secret Project

By Beyer, Kenneth
1999, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557500444
236 pages, 16 photos, 7 maps/diagrams, 4 facsimiles

Descripton: About the work of the American Q-ships Atik and Asterion in defending the U.S. coastline immediately after Operation Drumbeat in 1942. Much of this book deals with the encounters of U-123 with both Q-ships.

From the review: This book covers the initial operations of the American Q-ships Atik and Asterion, pre-World War I era merchantmen originally named Carolyn and USS Asterion. The author, who was supply officer on Asterion, describe ...
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Ships hit by U-boats. USS Atik (AK 101)
U-boats of WWII. U-105
U-boats of WWII. U-123
U-boats of WWII. U-552
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Erich Topp
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Heinrich Schuch
U-boat Commanders of WWII. Reinhard Hardegen

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