Heinz Buhse

Oberleutnant zur See der Reserve (entry, Jahrgang X/39)

1 ship sunk, total tonnage 362 GRT
1 ship a total loss, total tonnage 7,176 GRT

Born  3 Jan 1917 Heidelberg
Died  26 Mar 1945(28)English Channel


1 Jan 1944 Oberleutnant zur See der Reserve


1940 Iron Cross 2nd Class
12 Mar 1943 Blockade runner badge
20 Apr 1943 War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords
  War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords

U-boat Commands

U-399 3 Jul 1944 26 Mar 1945  (+)  1 patrol (49 days) 

Heinz Buhse joined the Kriegsmarine in 1939. He served in Aalborg, Denmark from April to Aug 1940 then as a Naval transport officer at Dunkirk, France to April 1941. Buhse continued to serve with German naval transport duties until August 1943 when he joined the U-boat force.

Ltn. Heinz Buhse went through U-boat training from Aug to Feb 1944. He served as commander under instruction with the 19th (Training) Flotilla at Pillau until May 1944 when began his U-boat Commander training with the 24th (Training) Flotilla at Memel.

Oblt. Heinz Buhse took command of the type VIIC boat U-399 on 3 July 1944. After initial training the boat was assigned to the 11th Flotilla at Bergen, Norway on Feb 1945. Buhse took the boat our on 1 patrol and sank 2 ships with a total of 7,538 GRT.


Busch, R and Röll, H-J. (1998). German U-boat commanders of World War II.

Patrol info for Heinz Buhse

 U-boat Departure Arrival  
1. U-399 25 Jan 1945  Kiel  28 Jan 1945  Horten   4 days
2. U-399 6 Feb 1945  Horten  26 Mar 1945  Sunk  Patrol 1,49 days

Ships hit by Heinz Buhse

Date U-boat Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
21 Mar 1945U-399 James Eagan Layne (t.)7,176amBTC-103
26 Mar 1945U-399 Pacific362nlBTC-108

2 ships sunk (7,538 tons).

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(t.) means the ship was a total loss (included in ships & tonnage lost).

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