Horst Degen

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 33)

5 ships sunk, total tonnage 25,390 GRT
4 auxiliary warships sunk, total tonnage 1,666 GRT
4 ships damaged, total tonnage 37,093 GRT
1 warship damaged, total tonnage 1,190 tons

Born  19 Jul 1913 Münster, Westphalia
Died  29 Jan 1996(82)Lüneburg, Germany

Kptlt. Horst Degen


1 Apr 1933 Offiziersanwärter
1 Jul 1934 Fähnrich zur See
1 Apr 1936 Oberfähnrich zur See
1 Oct 1936 Leutnant zur See
1 Jun 1938 Oberleutnant zur See
1 Mar 1941 Kapitänleutnant


1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class
1940 Destroyer War Badge
10 Feb 1942 U-boat War Badge 1939
1942 Iron Cross 1st Class

U-boat Commands

U-701 16 Jul 1941 7 Jul 1942   3 patrols (129 days) 

Left: Horst Degen on the tower.

Horst Degen served as the Second Watch Officer, 2WO, torpedo and radio technical officer on the destroyer Z 10 Hans Lody from Sep 1939 to June 1940. He then joined the U-boat force and underwent training from Jul to Dec 1940. Then U-boat commander training from Jan to Mar 1941.

Degen then went as commander in training on the soon-to-be famous U-552 (Topp) for its second patrol (7 Apr - 6 May 1941) - 3 ships sunk, one damaged.

Horst Degen then went to oversee construction of a U-boat (Baubelehrung) and commissioned his U-701 on 16 Jul 1941. He went out on his first patrol on 27 Dec 1941 (45 days, one ship sunk) and his second on 26 Feb 1942 (35 days, 4 small ships sunk).

Horst Degen‘s third war patrol with the U-701 from May to 7 July 1942, where he operated in American waters, was an exceptional one; sinking 4 ships (21.789 tons) and damaging 5 more (38.283 tons). He boat was sunk while waiting to sink one more ship before going back across the Atlantic (he had seen no ships for 8 days though).

When his boat was sunk by 3 depth charges from an American Hudson aircraft off Cape Hatteras all but 7 men escaped to the surface in two 18-man groups, but although the attacking aircraft dropped 4 life-west and life-raft plus marked the site with a flare the 7 eventual survivors were not found until 49 hours later, 110 miles offshore.

Nothing was found of the other group of 18 men. He and his 6 men then went to POW camp. Degen was released during June 1946.

This terrible photo of Degen was taken shortly after his rescue.


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Patrol info for Horst Degen

 U-boat Departure Arrival  
1. U-701 27 Dec 1941  Kiel  9 Feb 1942  St. Nazaire  Patrol 1,45 days
2. U-701 26 Feb 1942  St. Nazaire  1 Apr 1942  Brest  Patrol 2,35 days
3. U-701 19 May 1942  Brest  20 May 1942  Lorient   2 days
4. U-701 20 May 1942  Lorient  7 Jul 1942  Sunk  Patrol 3,49 days
3 patrols, 129 days at sea

Ships hit by Horst Degen

Date U-boat Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
6 Jan 1942U-701 Baron Erskine3,657brSC-62
6 Mar 1942U-701 Rononia213br
7 Mar 1942U-701 Nyggjaberg349fa
9 Mar 1942U-701 HMS Notts County (FY 250)541br
11 Mar 1942U-701 HMS Stella Capella (FY 107)507br
15 Jun 1942U-701 HMS Kingston Ceylonite (FY 214) [Mine]448brKN-109
15 Jun 1942U-701 USS Bainbridge (DD 246) (d.) [Mine]1,190amKN-109
15 Jun 1942U-701 Robert C. Tuttle (d.) [Mine]11,615amKN-109
15 Jun 1942U-701 Esso Augusta (d.) [Mine]11,237amKN-109
17 Jun 1942U-701 Santore [Mine]7,117amKS-511
19 Jun 1942U-701 USS YP-389170am
26 Jun 1942U-701 Tamesis (d.)7,256nw
27 Jun 1942U-701 British Freedom (d.)6,985brKS-514
28 Jun 1942U-701 William Rockefeller14,054am

9 ships sunk (27,056 tons) and 5 ships damaged (38,283 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.
[Mine] indicates the vessel was hit by a mine laid by said U-boat.

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