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Crew V/41

Crew V/41 started its training in May of 1941 with 882 men. Since most of this crew received a watch officer (WO) training, they choose the U-boat as the emblem.

Crew V/41 was the second crew in 1941. More than 200 from this crew members died on U-boats in the war.

The following men were from Crew V/41. Click on any of the names for a full profile page on that commander.

 Oblt. Augustin, Hans-EckartU-62
Oblt. Braun, KurtU-763
 Oblt. Friedeburg, Ludwig-Ferdinand vonU-155, U-4710
  Oblt. (R) Rinck, HansU-1019

4 men from Crew V/41 located.

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