Cook (Coch)

Where did the cook work in the boat?

The approximate location of the kitchen. Type VIIC.

The duty of the cook

The cook did not have to stand watch - his only duty, even when under battle conditions, was to prepare the meals.

The food was generally good and two meals were served during the week with four to five during Sundays. Many commanders celebrated special days such as birthdays, holidays and such to help break up the monotonous routine.

Since the rear hatch was located in the galley he also had the duty of reporting leaks to the officers.

The galley-crew on the several types

There was normally just on cook on every U-boat type. Other crewmembers helped with many chores, such as peeling potatoes and washing up after the meals.

The galley of U-995. This modest equipment fed 50 men. Photo Gabor.


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The U-boat Crew