Heinz Prassdorf

Obermaschinist (Navy since 1937)

Born 7 December, 1918 Rostock

Heinz Prassdorf


                   : Iron Cross 2nd class (EK II)
                   : Ubootskriegsabzeichen
                   : Iron Cross 1st class (EK I)
21/04/1945 : Knights Cross (-142-)


01/11/1943 Obermaschinist

U-boat Career

U-48 VIIB Maschinen-Obergefreiter ?
U-558 VIIC ? 02.41 - ?
U-1203 VIIC Obermaschinist 02.44 - 05.45

Heinz Prassdorf joined the Kriegsmarine in November 1937. He rode in the first time of war on U-48 and later on U-558.

In February 1944 he became Obermaschinist of U-1203. He saved in difficult situations the U-boat with emergency repairs of the engine. U-1203 was after the surrender handed over to Great Britain (Operation Deadlight).


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