Convoy battles


Homeward from Halifax (North Atlantic)

19 May 1941 - 22 May 1941

The Convoy
First sightingOn 19 May 1941 by U-94
EscortsAMC Aurania
submarine Tribune


U-94, U-556, U-111, U-98, U-94, U-93, U-46, U-66, U-557, U-94, U-74

The battle

The U-94 spots the convoy and before loosing contact manages to sinkn 2 ships. U-556 finds the convoy again the day after (the 20th) and in two attacks sinks 2 ships and damages a tanker.

During the evening on the 20th U-111, U-98 and U-94 join the attack and the next morning the U-93 also joins.

On May 22 U-66, U-46, U-557, U-74 also operate on the convoy.

Ships hit from convoy HX-126

Date U-boat Commander Name of ship Tons Nat.Map
20 May 1941U-94Herbert Kuppisch Norman Monarch4,718brA
20 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Darlington Court4,974brB
20 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth British Security8,470brC
20 May 1941U-556Herbert Wohlfarth Cockaponset5,995brD
20 May 1941U-98Robert Gysae Rothermere5,356brE
20 May 1941U-94Herbert Kuppisch John P. Pedersen6,128nwF
20 May 1941U-109Hans-Georg Fischer Harpagus5,173brG
21 May 1941U-93Claus Korth Elusa6,235nlH
22 May 1941U-111Wilhelm Kleinschmidt Barnby4,813brI

9 ships sunk (51,862 tons).

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