Monsun boats

U-boats in the Indian Ocean and the Far East

by Marcin Jedrzejewski

The Monsun U-boats were perhaps the most special "wolfpack" in the war as they operated very far from Germany and its occupied countries, namely in the Indian Ocean out of japanese provided bases in Indonesia. They operated out of Penang, Jakarta and Sabang in 1943-1945 and scored some hits against allied shipping.

In the beginning the Monsun operations were almost like the "Happy Days" or better as most shipping in the Indian Ocean was conducted like in peacetime, however in 1943 this started to change and eventually these waters became just as dangerous as the North Atlantic.

1. Introduction

Why did the boats venture into these distant waters and when did it begin? Also general overview on the operations.

2. Pre-Monsun U-boats

The U-boat actions around Madagaskar and Cape Town areas and the very first penetrations into the Indian Ocean.

3. The Monsun boats

The history of the boats while stationed in the Far East and their journeys from Europe and back.

4. Evacuation

Covers the Monsun U-boats during the last few months of the war and the attempts to return to Europe.

Map of the Indian Ocean

U-boat Operations