Deutsches U-Boot Museum

Deutsches U-Boot Museum

In early 2007 the Archiv changed its name from "U-Boot Archiv" to Deutsches U-Boot Museum. This is still the same people, same mission.

On the following pages we would like to introduce the Deutsches U-Boot Museum in Cuxhaven-Altenbruch, Germany (see their site). We believe this is the most comprehensive and also most competent source for the German U-boat history anywhere in the world.

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Two locations
The Deutsches U-Boot Museum is now in two locations, the museum house (red) and the archiv house (yellow).

The older location at Altenbruch, now a museum. Photo courtesy of Craig McLean.
Altenbrucher-Bahnhofstrasse 57

The exterior view of the new house of the Archiv. Photo courtesy of Craig McLean.
Lange Strasse 1. This is where Horst Bredow kept his office until 2015. is in no small part based on the research results of the Deutsches U-Boot Museum especially on the great 5 volumes edition of the archive: Der U-Boot-Krieg 1939-1945.

We expressly state that the is not the homepage of the archive (since 2010 they are online at Also the Deutsches U-Boot Museum is not responsible for any of our content nor our accuracy.

We wish the archive and above all the founder and director Horst Bredow all the best for his fantastic work to preserve and honor the service of German U-boat-men.