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The Olympic Rings - Crew 36

The Olympic rings emblem is probably the most unusual and surprising to find on a WWII U-boat. Yet there it was - but why?

1936 was the year of the Berlin Olympics, and naval officers who joined the Kriegsmarine that year chose the rings as their emblem.

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23 U-boats displayed this emblem
U-3, U-20, U-23, U-59, U-203, U-227, U-314, U-344, U-387, U-394, U-407, U-426, U-440, U-467, U-505, U-534, U-546, U-555, U-643, U-710, U-760, U-869 and U-1230.

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A flag with the text Mübu written above the Coat of Arms of Essen.

Keywords: mubu, essen, flag

1 U-boat displayed this emblem


Coat of Arms of Essen

The Coat of Arms of the German city of Essen.

Emblem image source: Wikipedia Commons.

Keywords: coat of arms, essesn

1 U-boat displayed this emblem


Red Turtle

On the starboard side was a red turtle

Keywords: turle,red

1 U-boat displayed this emblem

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