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Bataille en mer (Battle at sea)

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First broadcast on 22 May 1942.

Transcript for this video:

On board a German submarine on the way in American waters. The submarine is now at off the coast of the United States. American hour, the watches lose 4 hours.

Action stations. An enemy ship is in sight. An automatic camera was fixed on the conning tower. The listening device make it possible to distinctly hear the noise of the propellers of the enemy patrol craft passing 20 meters above the submarine. Enemy depth charges explode. The jolt of the explosions blows some fuses. The submarine after having sailed submerged leaves the danger zone. Breathing in order to adapt the lungs to the new atmospheric pressure. At nightfall, an enemy tanker is torpedoed. Widespread oil burns on the surface of the sea.

According to the official statement, during a period ranging between the 1st and the 17th May, the German submarines sunk in the Atlantic 97 Anglo-American cargo boats representing a total tonnage of 534.800 tons.

Translated by Mr. Alexis Vigot

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