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La guerre des convois (The convoy war)

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First broadcast on 26 Feb, 1943

Transcript for this video:

In the Atlantic, a submarine patrols in its allocated sector.
The lookouts locate a significant convoy and alarm the captain.
They are tankers.
This diagram emphasizes the vigilant guard position of the destroyers which flanks them.
By radio, the submarine announces the presence of the convoy to the administrative staff of the Grossadmiral Dönitz.
All available submarines are alerted.
They force of the power of their machines in order to intercept the convoy.
During this time, the enemy destroyers open fire on the submarine which raised the alarm.
The submarine dives with speed.
The crew must stop itself not to fall.
However, the submarine in diving is also located by one of the destroyers of the escort which by twice releases three submarines-grenades over him.
There is anxiety on board.
We hear the noise of the enemy ship which passes a few meters above.
The grenades explode near the hull.
A leak appears - it is filled up immediately.
Worried by the presence of the submarine, the convoy changes its course.
The surveillance of the destroyers is more vigilant.
The submarine emerges a few second in order to better observe the manoeuvre of the enemy then will dive again in order to put itself in the line of fire.
The first goals are reached.
During this time, the other submarines alerted by the administrative staff position themselves in the path of the convoy.
They dive and attack massively and simultaneously the enemy ships.
The torpedo tubes are reloaded for a new attack.
The way of the torpedo is calculated with a chronometer. If the ship is hit, we should hear the explosion after a while.
Another tanker is hit.

Translated by Mr. Alexis Vigot

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