WWI U-boat commanders

Freiherr Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 4/03)

14 ships sunk with a total of 36,925 GRT
3 ships damaged with a total of 10,005 GRT
1 ship taken as prize with a total of 1,115 GRT

Born:9 Oct 1885  
Died:15 May 1965 Bremen 

Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim


1 Apr 1903 Seekadett
15 Apr 1904 Fähnrich zur See
28 Sep 1906 Leutnant zur See
27 Mar 1909 Oberleutnant zur See
12 Mar 1915 Kapitänleutnant
24 Nov 1919 Out of naval service


26 Apr 1911  Order of the Crown
 Iron Cross 2nd class
 Iron Cross 1st class

U-boat Commands

U 323 Sep 1914 - 17 Mar 1916
U 9310 Feb 1917 - 30 Apr 1917


Edgar Freiherr von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim served on the U32 and U93. Already in the war, in 1916, he wrote "War Diary of U202" which sold very well in the US post war. In his book, he accused the British of using hospital ships to transport troops to France. Until today this has never been solved and it may still take some years before the truth comes out.

On April 30, 1917, von Spiegel's ran out of luck when the U 93 met the small sailing ship Prize in the Channel. He surfaced and planned to sink the ship with his gun. Members of the sailing ship's crew took to the life boats. However, then suddenly the White Ensign was hoisted and the Prize showed her 12 pounder guns. The Prize turned out to be a Q-ship!

The Q-ship was badly damaged in the exchange of fire and nearly sank but she also scored numerous hits on the U-boat. At one point, U 93 tried to ram, apparently went out of control, and disappeared into the mist. Three men, including Spiegel, were rescued from the water by the panic party. Prize's crew as well as von Spiegel assumed the German submarine had been sunk. The Prize's commanding officer, Lieutenant Wilson Sanders RNR, was awarded the Victoria Cross for the action.

Despite heavy damage, however, the U 93 was able to limp home on the surface under the command of her IWO. Spiegel spent the rest of the war in a POW camp.

Ships hit by Edgar von Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim

DateU-boat Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
8 Apr 1915 U 32  ChateaubriandSailing vessel2,247fr
11 Apr 1915 U 32 Wayfarer (d.)Steamer9,599br
22 Jun 1915 U 32  Kiew (p.)Steamer1,115da
4 Mar 1916 U 32 TeutonianTanker4,824br
5 Mar 1916 U 32 RothesaySteamer2,007br
6 Mar 1916 U 32 Trois FreresSailing vessel107fr
7 Mar 1916 U 32  Ville Du HavreSailing vessel3,109fr
15 Apr 1917 U 93 FramSailing vessel105da
18 Apr 1917 U 93 TroldfosSteamer1,459nw
18 Apr 1917 U 93 West LothianSailing vessel1,887nw
22 Apr 1917 U 93  VestelvSailing vessel1,729nw
28 Apr 1917 U 93  Diana (d.)Sailing vessel207da
29 Apr 1917 U 93 ComedianSteamer4,889br
29 Apr 1917 U 93 IkbalSteamer5,434br
30 Apr 1917 U 93 AscaroSteamer3,245it
30 Apr 1917 U 93 HorsaSteamer2,949br
30 Apr 1917 U 93 ParthenonSteamer2,934gr
30 Apr 1917 U 93 Prize (d.)Q-ship199br
15 ships sunk (38,040 tons) and 3 ships damaged (10,005 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
(p.) means the ship was taken as prize (included in ships & tonnage lost).
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