WWI U-boat commanders

Peter Ernst Eiffe

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 4/08)

No ships sunk or damaged

Born:28 Aug 1889  
Died:1 Jun 1965 Hamburg 

Peter Ernst Eiffe
Leutnant zur See Peter Ernst Eiffe


1 Apr 1908 Seekadett
10 Apr 1909 Fähnrich zur See
27 Sep 1911 Leutnant zur See
19 Sep 1914 Oberleutnant zur See
18 Jul 1918 Kapitänleutnant
22 Nov 1919 Out of naval service


 Iron Cross 2nd class
 Hanseatic Cross

U-boat Commands

UB 596 Jun 1917 - 1 Jul 1917
UB 606 Jun 1917 - 1 Jul 1917
UB 422 Nov 1918 - 26 Nov 1918


Inter war years

He seems to have worked as a deputy in Hamburg pre-WWII. One of his tasks was to help reduce the impact of the removal of Jews from economical activities under orders by Burgmeister Krogmann.

World War II

He served as commanding officer of the Marine flak abt. 701 at Trondheim, Norway from June 1940 to Feb 1941.

During 1944-1945 Eiffe was in charge of training on the school ship Horst Vessel as Reserve Fregattenkapitän.

Ships hit by Peter Ernst Eiffe

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