WWI Officer Crews

Crew 4/12

The following men were from crew 4/12, click on any of the names for a full profile page on that commander.

  Oblt. Hans FriedrichU 55
  Oblt. Bernhard HibschUB 87
  Oblt. Werner LangeUC 11
  Oblt. Eberhard SchmidtUC 4, UC 71
  Oblt. Ernst Sch├Âller +UB 12
 Oblt. Kurt UtkeUC 11
  Oblt. Siegfried VahlUC 100
7 men from Crew 4/12 located.

 We have personal info for the commander.
+ means the man died in the war (1 of these 7 men fell).

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