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TypePassenger steamer
GRT8,173 tons
Country  British
BuilderHarland & Wolff, Belfast
OperatorCunard Steam Ship Company Ltd. England
HistoryBuilt as the Rotterdam for the Holland-America Line, and launched on 18th February 1897. In 1906 she was purchased by the Scandinavian American line (DFDS) and renamed C. F. Tietgen. In 1913 she was sold to the Russian American Line and renamed Dwimck. In 1917 she came under the British (Cunard) management.

U-boat attacks on Passenger steamer Dwinsk

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
118 Jun 1918U 151 (Heinrich von Nostitz und Jänckendorff)SunkTorpedoed 400 miles NExN3/4N of Bermuda
39° 10'N, 63° 10'W
Brest-New York


Captain Henry Nelson - In a letter on the report of the sinking of Dwinsk. from the British Admiralty to The Cunard SS Co Ltd,it stated. At 0920 on that date the wake of a torpedo was sighted at a distance of 200 yards, on the Port Quarter. The ship was not zig-zagging at the time and was steaming at 13 knots. The weather was fine and smooth with a slight swell, wind S.E. 3, visability good. When the torpedo was sighted helm was put over hard aport, but the torpedo struck the ship in No 4 hold making a large hole. The ship listed to port and the Master decided to abandon ship, which was done in 7 boats. The submarine then came to the surface and attacked her by gunfire, one round hit the magazine which exploded. The ship sank at about 11.15 am. The submarine interrogated the 2nd Officer’s boat, but no prisoners were taken. The 2nd Officers boat containing 22 of the crew is missing (was never found), and one man was drowned out of the Chief Officers boat. The remaining boats were picked up by various ships and landed at New York , Bermuda, Newport News and Nova Scotia. The 1st Officer’s boat was adrift for 10 days and a boat in charge of Boatswain’s Mate Larbalastier for 8 days, before being picked up. And it is considered that the lives of those in these two boats were saved by the good seamanship, management and fortitude displayed by Mr Pritchard and Larbalestier. I am to inform you that first Officer Pritchand and Boatswain’s Mate Larbalestier will be �commended� in the London Gazette, in recognition of these services. Signed J.W.S. Anderson

Position of attack on Dwinsk

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