Ships hit during WWI

Hilda R.

NameHilda R.
TypeSailing vessel
GRT136 tons
Country  British
Builder?, La Have, Nova Scotia
OperatorJohn. T McRae, Halifax, Nova Scotia
HistoryWooden schooner.

U-boat attacks on Sailing vessel Hilda R.

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
15 Nov 1917U 63 (Otto Schultze)SunkShelled and sunk off S coast of Portugal, SE Cape St Vincent

Grady (Labrador) - Gibraltar
dry codfish

The vessel was under command of Captain Yetman when they were attacked by U63. Order was given to abandon the ship in the 2 boats. In the first one, 3 of the crew pulled away in direction of the coast where they landed safely 17 hours later. The remaining 2, the Captain and a boy (the 3rd one having felt overboard and drowned), were finally recovered by the submarine and taken on board for safety. They were ultimately landed 3 days later on the spanish coast from where they joined Gibraltar. The story of this sinking has been accounted in the Sea Breezes magazine, August 1930.

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