Ships hit during WWI

Lady Olive

NameLady Olive
GRT701 tons
Country  British
BuilderDundee SB. Co., Ltd., Dundee
OperatorRoyal Navy
HistoryPeace-time operator: London Welsh SS. Co., Ltd., London

U-boat attacks on Q-ship Lady Olive

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
119 Feb 1917UC 18 (Wilhelm Kiel)Sunkoff St Malo. Or 49.10N, 02.40W per French Admiralty.
49° 15'N, 2° 34'W


In this action, A.B. Dumaresq was awarded the DSM for having placed several decisive hits on the submarine. The little history says that it had been ordered to abandon the ship but William Dumaresq sighting UC 18 directly in line to his gun sight, decided upon himself to take a shot at it and managed to place several hits in the hull. UC 18 was sunk with all hands in that action. Lady Olive sank at 0930 and the french destroyer Dunois rescued her crew the following day.

Position of attack on Lady Olive

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