Ships hit during WWI

Marie Jeanne

NameMarie Jeanne
TypeSailing vessel
GRT188 tons
Country  French
BuilderM Passoja, Nykyrka, Sweden
OperatorLa Morue Française et Sécheries de Fécamp
HistoryThree-masted wooden schooner, registered at St. Servan. Built as Lyyli.

U-boat attacks on Sailing vessel Marie Jeanne

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
120 Sep 1917SunkPer a message in a bottle that washed up on September 27, 1917 at Omonville, torpedoed at 0400 hours on September 20, 1917 at 48°07’ (sic, 49°07’N more likely), 4°00’W.
49° 07'N, 4° 00'W

Crew not recovered.

Position of attack on Marie Jeanne


1917 (1).

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