Ships hit during WWI


TypeSailing vessel
GRT25 tons
Country  French
OperatorAkel Gebraïl El Azzi, Rouad (Arwad)
HistoryPort registration: R 282. El Azzi was from Nahr Ibrahim, Lebanon as was at least a part of the crew.

U-boat attacks on Sailing vessel Mabrouka

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
118 May 1918UB 51 (Ernst Krafft)SunkStopped and sunk about 60 miles N of Port Said

Port Saïd - Limassol, Cyprus
in ballast

Per KTB, one of two ships with same name sunk by UB 51 on the same day. Master: Mansour Hanna El Azzi

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