Allied Commanders



Knights Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)

CommanderDate  Command
RNVice-Admiral Anstice, Edmund Walter, RN1 Jun 1953  
RNVice-Admiral Archer, Ernest Russell, RN10 Jun 1948  

RNVice-Admiral Barnard, Geoffrey, DSO, RN13 Jun 1957  
RNVice-Admiral Bingley, Alexander Noel Campbell, OBE, RN1 Jan 1959  
RNVice-Admiral Boyd, Denis William, DSC, RN14 Jun 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Brind, Eric James Patrick, RN13 Jun 1946  
RNVice-Admiral Bush, John Fitzroy Duyland, DSC, RN12 Jun 1965  

RNVice-Admiral Clifford, Eric George Anderson, RN31 May 1956  
RNVice-Admiral Couchman, Walter Thomas, DSO, OBE, RN12 Jun 1958  
RNVice-Admiral Creasy, George Elvey, DSO, RN1 Jan 1949  
RNVice-Admiral Crutchley, Victor Alexander Charles, VC, DSC, RN13 Jun 1946  

RNVice-Admiral Dalrymple-Hamilton, Frederick Hew George, RN1 Jan 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Daniel, Charles Saumarez, DSO, RN1 Jan 1948  
RNVice-Admiral Davis, William Wellclose, DSO, RN2 Jan 1956  
RNVice-Admiral Denny, Michael Maynard, DSO, RN8 Jun 1950  
RNVice-Admiral Douglas-Pennant, Cyril Eustace, DSO, DSC, RN2 Jan 1950  
RNVice-Admiral Durlacher, Lawrence George, DSC, OBE, RN30 Dec 1960  
RNVice-Admiral Durnford-Slater, Leonard Francis, RN13 Jun 1957  

RNVice-Admiral Eccles, John Arthur Symons, RN1 Jan 1955  
RNVice-Admiral Edelsten, John Hereward, RN13 Jun 1946  
RNVice-Admiral Edwards, Ralph Alan Bevan, RN1 Jan 1954  
RNVice-Admiral Elkins, Robert Francis, OBE, RN1 Jan 1958  
RNVice-Admiral Evans-Lombe, Edward Malcolm, RN1 Jan 1954  

RNVice-Admiral Fisher, Douglas Blake, OBE, RN1 Jan 1947  

RNVice-Admiral Glennie, Irvine Gordon, RN1 Jan 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Grantham, Guy, DSO, RN5 Jun 1952  
RNVice-Admiral Gretton, Peter William, DSO, DSC, OBE, RN1 Jan 1963  

RNVice-Admiral Hamilton, Louis Henry Keppel, DSO, RN8 Jun 1944  
RNRear-Admiral Harcourt, Cecil Halliday Jepson, RN18 Dec 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Holland-Martin, Douglas Eric, DSO, DSC, RN1 Jan 1960  

RNVice-Admiral John, Caspar, RN31 Mar 1956  

RNVice-Admiral Lambe, Charles Edward, RN1 Jan 1953  
RNVice-Admiral Luce, John David, DSO, OBE, RN1 Jan 1960  

RNVice-Admiral Mackenzie, Hugh Stirling, DSO, DSC, RN11 Jun 1966  
RNVice-Admiral Madden, Alexander Cumming Gordon, RN7 Jun 1951  
RNVice-Admiral Madden, Edward Charles, RN10 Jun 1961  
RNVice-Admiral Mansergh, Maurice James, RN1 Jan 1952  
RNVice-Admiral Mansfield, John Maurice, DSO, DSC, RN10 Jun 1948  
RNVice-Admiral McCarthy, Edward Desmond Bewley, DSO, RN2 Jan 1950  
RNVice-Admiral McGeoch, Ian Lachlan Mackay, DSO, DSC, RN14 Jun 1969  
RNVice-Admiral McGrigor, Rhoderick Robert, DSO, RN14 Jun 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Miles, Geoffrey John Audley, RN14 Jun 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Morgan, Charles Eric, DSO, RN13 Jun 1946  
RNCapt. Mountbatten, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, DSO, RN10 Apr 1945  

RNVice-Admiral Oliver, Geoffrey Nigel, DSO, RN1 Jan 1951  
RNVice-Admiral Onslow, Richard George, DSO, RN1 Jan 1958  

RNVice-Admiral Packer, Herbert Annesley, RN8 Jun 1950  
RNVice-Admiral Palliser, Arthur Francis Eric, DSC, RN1 Jan 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Parham, Frederick Robertson, DSO, RN9 Jun 1955  
RNVice-Admiral Parry, William Edward, RN2 Jan 1950  
RNVice-Admiral Patterson, Wilfrid Rupert, RN12 Jun 1947  
RNVice-Admiral Portal, Reginald Henry, DSC, RN1 Jan 1949  
RNVice-Admiral Power, Arthur John, RN1 Jan 1944  
RNVice-Admiral Power, Manley Lawrence, DSO, OBE, RN12 Jun 1958  

RNVice-Admiral Raikes, Iwan Geoffrey, DSC, RN1 Jan 1976  
RNVice-Admiral Rawlings, Henry Bernard, OBE, RN8 Jun 1944  
RNVice-Admiral Reid, John Peter Lorne, RN1 Jan 1957  
RNVice-Admiral Roxburgh, John Charles Young, DSO, DSC, RN1 Jan 1972  
RNVice-Admiral Russell, Guy Herbrand Edward, DSO, RN1 Jan 1951  

RNVice-Admiral Scott-Moncrieff, Alan Kenneth, DSO, RN9 Jun 1955  
RNVice-Admiral Slayter, William Rudolph, DSO, DSC, RN5 Jun 1952  
RNRear-Admiral Syfret, Edward Neville, RN8 Sep 1942  

RNVice-Admiral Tennant, William George, RN18 Dec 1945  
RNRear-Admiral Troubridge, Thomas Hope, DSO, RN18 Dec 1945  
RNVice-Admiral Troup, John Anthony Rose, DSC, RN1 Jan 1975  

RNRear-Admiral Vian, Philip Louis, DSO, RN25 Jul 1944  

RNVice-Admiral Walker, Harold Thomas Coulthard, RN1 Jan 1946  
RNVice-Admiral William-Powlett, Peveril Barton Reibey Wallop, DSO, RN1 May 1953  
RNVice-Admiral Woodhouse, Charles Henry Lawrence, RN9 Jun 1949  
RNVice-Admiral Woods, Wilfrid John Wentworth, DSO, RN11 Jun 1960  
RNVice-Admiral Wright, Royston Hollis, DSC, RN10 Jun 1961  

71 commanders listed with this decoration.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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