Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Athenia.

Aboard Athenia when hit on 3 Sep 1939

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAllan, Rev. William, CivilianPassengerAthenia +
CanadianBaird, Hannah, Merchant NavyStewardessAthenia +
CanadianBarrington, Harriet, Civilian52PassengerAthenia +
BritishBirchall, Peter, Civilian49PassengerAthenia +
CanadianBishop, Nancy, Civilian36PassengerAthenia +
CanadianBlair, Frederick, Civilian65PassengerAthenia +
BritishBown, Hubert, Civilian79PassengerAthenia +
BritishBrookes, Elizabeth, Civilian60PassengerAthenia +
AmericanBrown, William, Civilian60PassengerAthenia +
BritishBurdett, Sarah, Civilian51PassengerAthenia +
BritishBurrows, Helen West, Civilian50PassengerAthenia +
BritishCampbell, E. Alva, Civilian47PassengerAthenia +
BritishCarlin, James, Merchant Navy56Assistant StewardAthenia +
BritishChalmers, Helen, Civilian46PassengerAthenia +
BritishChalmers, Isabella, Civilian51Passenger (Nurse)Athenia +
BritishCook, James, Merchant NavyMasterAthenia
BritishCopeland, B.M., Merchant NavyChief OfficerAthenia
BritishDonnelly, Ian, Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardAthenia +
BritishDonnelly, John, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardAthenia +
BritishDuncan, Ina May, Civilian30Passenger (Nurse)Athenia +
BritishElder, James, Merchant Navy45DonkeymanAthenia +
BritishFletcher, Annie Bushell, Civilian70PassengerAthenia +
CanadianFlower, Helen Henderson, Civilian45PassengerAthenia +
BritishForbes, Alexandrina, Civilian52PassengerAthenia +
BritishFordyce, Charles, Merchant Navy65WatchmanAthenia +
CanadianFraser, Muriel Nutting, Civilian54PassengerAthenia +
CanadianGadsby, Elizabeth, Civilian50PassengerAthenia
CanadianGadsby, William Alexander, Civilian12PassengerAthenia
BritishGallagher, Hugh, Merchant Navy23GreaserAthenia +
CanadianGoddard, Martha, Civilian52PassengerAthenia +
BritishGoodman, Sarah, Civilian31PassengerAthenia +
AmericanGraham, George, Civilian2PassengerAthenia +
AmericanGraham, Nellie, Civilian34PassengerAthenia +
BritishHarper, Sara B., Civilian66PassengerAthenia +
BritishHarrington, Ellen, Civilian63PassengerAthenia +
BritishHarris, Robert, Civilian21PassengerAthenia +
BritishHarrower, Alison, Merchant Navy41StewardessAthenia +
BritishHart, Albert, Civilian60PassengerAthenia +
BritishHarvey, W., Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)Athenia
AmericanHaslet, James, Civilian41PassengerAthenia +
AmericanHaslet, Jessie Sword Shearer, Civilian38PassengerAthenia +
CanadianHayworth, Margaret Janet, Civilian10PassengerAthenia +
CanadianHodge, Mary, Civilian49PassengerAthenia +
BritishHogg, John, Merchant Navy51Assistant StewardAthenia +
AmericanHogg, Margaret, Civilian52PassengerAthenia +
BritishHolmes, Jean Gwen, Civilian6PassengerAthenia +
BritishHutchings, Dorothy, Civilian39PassengerAthenia +
BritishInnes, George Elder, Civilian41PassengerAthenia +
BritishJacobs, Matilda, Civilian24PassengerAthenia +
CanadianJames, Emily Hilda Burbridge, Civilian38PassengerAthenia +
BritishJohnston, Margaret, Merchant Navy41StewardessAthenia +
BritishKent, John, Merchant Navy50Assistant StewardAthenia +
BritishLawler, Jessie, Merchant Navy60StewardessAthenia +
BritishLennon, Margaret, Civilian57PassengerAthenia +
BritishLeslie, Catherine, Civilian69PassengerAthenia +
CanadianLourie, Artur, Civilian35PassengerAthenia +
BritishMacLeod, Ronald, Merchant Navy33Able SeamanAthenia
BritishMailer, Charles, Civilian69PassengerAthenia +
BritishMarshall, James, Merchant Navy15BellboyAthenia +
BritishMarston, Lucy, Civilian53PassengerAthenia +
BritishMcDermott, Michael J., Merchant Navy33Assistant StewardAthenia +
BritishMcDonald, Sophie, Civilian78PassengerAthenia +
BritishMcErlean, Bridget, Civilian38PassengerAthenia +
BritishMcFarlane, Agnes, Civilian43PassengerAthenia +
BritishMcFarlane, Gladys, Civilian3PassengerAthenia +
BritishMcJarrow, John, Merchant Navy39PrinterAthenia +
BritishMcKeown, John, Merchant Navy47StewardAthenia +
BritishMcNeish, Jean Caldwell, Civilian69PassengerAthenia +
BritishMorrison, David, Merchant Navy32StewardAthenia +
CanadianMustard, Thornton, Civilian54PassengerAthenia +
AmericanNicol, Alexander Badenoch, Civilian40PassengerAthenia +
AmericanNicol, Edith, Civilian33PassengerAthenia +
AmericanNicol, Marion, Civilian9PassengerAthenia +
BritishProvan, David, Merchant Navy65BarberAthenia +
AmericanQuine, Annie, Civilian57PassengerAthenia +
BritishRedgers, Nancy, Civilian16PassengerAthenia +
AmericanScott, Mary, Civilian31PassengerAthenia +
CanadianSharp, Jessie Helen, Civilian45PassengerAthenia +
BritishSteele, Emma, Civilian49PassengerAthenia +
BritishStewart, Annie Bella, Civilian39PassengerAthenia +
BritishThomson, Samuel, Merchant Navy45Assistant StewardAthenia +
AmericanTolley, Harriet, Civilian74PassengerAthenia +
BritishTruss, Harry, Civilian54PassengerAthenia +
BritishTruss, Maria Louisa, Civilian52PassengerAthenia +
CanadianVincent, Allan Edward Elliott, Civilian7PassengerAthenia +
BritishWaterman, Anne, Civilian52PassengerAthenia +
CanadianWeir, Fred, Civilian61PassengerAthenia +
IrishWright, David, Civilian63PassengerAthenia +
BritishYoung, Jessie, CivilianPassengerAthenia +

89 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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