Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


British troop transport

Photo courtesy of Paul Johnson Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British troop transport Anselm.

Aboard Anselm when hit on 5 Jul 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAnderson, Angus Ronald Matheson, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishArmstrong, Anthony, British Army37Gunner (DEMS gunner)Anselm +
BritishAstley, Edward, RAF36Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishAuckland, Joseph Arthur, RAFVR23Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishAustin, Leslie James, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishAvery, John Richard, RAF18Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishAveson, Walter George, RAF23Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishBailey, Cyril Frank, RAFVR26Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishBallinger, Arthur John, RAFPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishBateman, John Herbert, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishBeament, William Harold, RAFVR34Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishBeaty, Thomas, Merchant Navy19Assistant ButcherAnselm +
BritishBlack, Thomas Bowes, RAFVR24Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishBoswell, Frederick James, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishBrand, John Richard, RAFVR31Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishBroadhurst, Henry, RAF25Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishBrown, Joseph, RAFVR23Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishBrown, Ronald Oscar, RAFVR27Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishBullock, Arthur Robert, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishButler, Roy, RAF20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCane, Philip Henry Frederick, RAF21Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCarr, Alfred George, RAFVR25Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCarr, Douglas, RAFVRPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishCarr, James Frederick, RAFVR30Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishChapman, Edwin Delaney, RAFPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishChapman, Eric, RAFVR27Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishCheesman, Alan Merton, RAFVR26Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishClaydon, Leslie William, RAFVR25Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishClose, Donald Jones, RAFPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishClough, Frank, RAFVR39Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCollingwood, Maurice, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishConnock, Ernest, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCoombes, Rodney Dennis, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCostello, Patrick Arthur, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishCraggs, Matthew Frank, RAF19Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishCroft, Ronald Percy, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishCudworth, Warwick George, RAFVRPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishDaren, Nathan, RAFVR28Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishDavies, Roland Ernest, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishDavis, Wadsworth Hail, RAF20Passenger (Corporal)Anselm
BritishDeakin, Harold James, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishDearnley, Richard, RAF26Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishDeighton, Raymond Sidney, RAF19Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishDennison, Robert Campsall, RAFVR24Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishDenson, William Peter, RAFPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishDickinson, Norman, RAF20Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishDonnelly, James Edward, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishDrower, Raymond Victor Pidsley, RAFVR25Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishEgan, Alphonsus Thomas, RAFVR22Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishElliott, Andrew, Merchant NavyMasterAnselm
BritishElliott, Kenneth Albert, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishFaram, Donald, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishFarquhar, John Tyndel, RAFVR31Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishFaulkner, Frank Kenneth, RAFVR23Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishFergusson, Bruce Alexander Macgregor, RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishFitton, Derek Edwin, RAF21PassengerAnselm
BritishForsyth, John Charles, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishFoulger, George Frederick, RAFVRPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishFreeborn, Archie, RAFVRPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishFrench, John Ernest, RAF21Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishFry, Reginald Stanley, RAFVR24Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishFullarton, Archibald, RAFVR26Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishGilholm, Robert, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishGirvan, Robert Halton, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishGrant, Leslie Ernest, RAFVR31Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishGray, David James Richard Bernard, RAFVR22Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishGregory, Kenneth Wilfred, RAFVR19Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishHall, Jackson William, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishHambidge, Louis Roland, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishHammond, Jack Kenneth, RAFVR26Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishHams, Conrad, RAF18Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishHarrison, Charles Frank, RAFVRPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishHayward, William Thomas, RAFPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishHeath, Arnold, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishHendrie, Archibald Hunter, RAF21Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishHerk, James, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishHey, Harold Ernest, RAFVR24Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishHigham, George Neil, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishHill, Neville, RAF22Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishHobbs, Cecil, RAF21Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishHolland, Charles, RAFVR29Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishHooper, Stanley, RAFVR20Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishIles, Sydney Gilbert, RAFPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishJack, Earl Romulus, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishJames, Emrys Angell, RAFVR26Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishJaques, Houghton, RAF19Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishJerome, Stanley John, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishJones, Stanley, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishJordan, Eugene Bramley, RAFVR26Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishJoseph, Maurice, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishKenward, Claude, RAFVR28Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishKirkham, John Harding, RAFVR31Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishLawson, Richard Cameron, RAF20Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishLeachman, Samuel, RAFVRPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishLittlejohn, Anthony Ewart, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishLotherington, Harold Ibitson, RAFPassenger (Sergeant)Anselm +
BritishMaher, Edward, Merchant Navy19TrimmerAnselm +
BritishMalone, Bernard, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMarsh, Frederick Herbert, RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
CanadianMartin, Alan, RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMartin, Norman Russell, RAF23Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishMasterton, John Hodge, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMathie, Albert, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMcAllister, John, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishMcCarthy, James Thomas, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishMcGregor, Robert Polson, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishMcKinney, Andrew, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMcLean, William Jack, RAFVR24Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMedland, George Gilbert, RAFVR25Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishMesser, Bernard John, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMichaelson, Gerald Wilfred, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishMiles, Percy George, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMills, Norman Edward, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishMitchell, Walter Joseph, RAFVR39Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMoore, Raymond Duncan, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMorris, Vernon, RAF18Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMortimer, Lawry Brimson, RAF18Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishMould, Richard Andrews, Merchant Navy35Second Engineer OfficerAnselm +
BritishMowatt, Alexander Davidson, RAF29Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishMuir, Simon William Smith, RAFPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishMunslow, Arthur Dennis, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishMurray, Malcolm, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishNickells, George Henry, RAF18Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishNudds, Herbert William, RAF33Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishOgg, Robert George, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishOram, Jack Edward, RAFVR22Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishPaisley, Hugh, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishParker, F.M., RAFPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishPatterson, James, RAF18Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishPeppercorn, Donald Henry James, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishPerry, Robert, Merchant Navy32TrimmerAnselm +
BritishPhipps, Reginald Albert, RAFVR24Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishPitblado, Laurence Ninian, RAF30Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishPittaway, Ernest Charles, RAFVRPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishPopejoy, Francis Alfred, RAFVR38Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishPugh, The Rev. Herbert Cecil, RAFVR42Passenger (Chaplain)Anselm +
BritishQuill, John Joseph, RAF35Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishRedgate, Frederick William, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishRichardson, Harry, RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishRichardson, William George, RAFVR19Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishRichmond, Harold Victor, RAFPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishRipley, Clarence Albert, RAF19Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishRogers, Robert Douglas, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishRose, Francis Bernard, RAFVR29Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishRothwell, Richard Charles, RAFVR19Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishRouse, Albert James, RAFVR19Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishRutter, Robert Durham, RAF21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Anselm
BritishScrugham, Walter, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishSeddon, Stanley, RAF21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishSegar, Jack, RAFVR31Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishShipman, Edward, RAFVR39Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishSimpson, George Ian, RAFVR20Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishSingleton, Michael, RAF28Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishSmith, Donald Aldous, RAFPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishSmith, Edward Charles, RAFVR26Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishSmith, Eric, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishSmith, Horace William, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishSmith, Nathan, RAF21PassengerAnselm
BritishSmith, William Frederick, RAF40Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishSmith, William Henry, RAFVR27Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishSnell, William Herbert Alfred, RAFVR25Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishSpurrier, Noel, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishSullivan, Glyn Stephen, RAF37Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishSwadling, Jack, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishSwatton, Stanley, RAFVR25Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishTheobalds, Dennis Charles, RAFVR20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishThomas, Ernest, RAF19Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishThomas, Ivor Gwessyn, RAF31Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishThompson, Charles, RAF40Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishThornton, Henry Frederick, RAFVR31Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishThorpe, Frederick William, RAF29Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishTurner, Douglas Ernest, RAFVR29Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishTurner, Kenneth, RAF20Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishTurner, Walter Frederick, RAFVR31Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishWakefield, Bernard Gilbert, RAFVR23Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishWalker, Thomas William, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishWaterhouse, Henry, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishWaters, Gerald Frederick, RAFVR19Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishWatt, Ernest, RAF21Passenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishWebber, Rueben Wilfred, RAF20Passenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Anselm +
BritishWebster, William George, RAFVR21Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishWelsh, John, RAFPassenger (Corporal)Anselm +
BritishWhitlock, John Greenwood, RAF19Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishWigg, Vernon Sydney Howard, RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishWilliams, John Price, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishWilliams, Richard, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +
BritishWilson, Cyril James, Merchant Navy17Fireman and TrimmerAnselm
BritishWindham, William Thellusson Doughty, RAFVR43Passenger (Flight Lieutenant)Anselm +
BritishWoodford, Francis Alan, RAFVR24Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Anselm +
BritishWoods, Charles Lewis, RAFVR24Passenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Anselm +

190 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.