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Lady Hawkins

Canadian steam passenger ship

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Canadian steam passenger ship Lady Hawkins.

Aboard Lady Hawkins when hit on 19 Jan 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAdams, William Charles, Civilian21PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishAkers, Percy Eric, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishAlexis, Hughes, Merchant Navy37FiremanLady Hawkins
AmericanAllen, Ervin Oscar, Civilian54PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishAnthony, John, RN23Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishArcher, Frank Archibald, Merchant Navy23OilerLady Hawkins +
BritishArchibald, James, Merchant Navy35Assistant CookLady Hawkins +
AmericanAshlock, William Edward, Civilian34PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishAstaphan, George, Merchant Navy27General ServantLady Hawkins
BritishAtkins, Florence Mary, Civilian50PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishAttride, Helen Nancy Drury, Civilian24PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianAvery, Percy, Merchant Navy50ButcherLady Hawkins +
AmericanBaker, Cecil John, Civilian33PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBanting, F.R., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBaptiste, Peter, Merchant Navy31Utility BoyLady Hawkins
MalteseBarbara, Paul, Civilian33PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBarker, Leonard, RN20Passenger (Stoker 2nd Class)Lady Hawkins +
BritishBarrett, Harry E., RN38Passenger (Lieutenant (E))Lady Hawkins
BritishBartholomew, John Layfield, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishBeckles, Luther, Merchant Navy29General ServantLady Hawkins
BritishBell, Robert Augustus, Merchant Navy22General ServantLady Hawkins +
CanadianBennett, Bertram Gorden, Merchant Navy21Third OfficerLady Hawkins +
AmericanBennett, Clyde, Civilian37PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBlagrove, Kenneth Arthur, RN18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishBlake, Donald Stanley, Merchant Navy27General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishBlanchard, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy26General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishBoiston, John, RN19Passenger (Stoker 2nd Class)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianBolivar, Charles Sydney, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanLady Hawkins
BritishBoyack, Nina, Civilian53PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBoyack, Ronald Corrie, Civilian63PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBrereton, John Nathaniel, Merchant Navy512nd Class StewardLady Hawkins +
BritishBrereton, Samuel, Merchant Navy463rd Class StewardLady Hawkins +
BritishBrokaw, Robert Harding, Civilian21PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishBroughton, Geoffrey, RM28Passenger (Bandsman)Lady Hawkins
AmericanBrown, Edward G., Civilian35PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishBrown, James, Merchant Navy19Bell BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishBursell, Arthur, RN20Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianBurton, William Arthur, Merchant Navy31CarpenterLady Hawkins
CanadianBush, Henry Benjamin, Merchant Navy55Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
BritishBushby, Gordon Cyril, RN18Passenger (Stoker Second Class)Lady Hawkins +
BritishButcher, Frank C., Merchant Navy49Passenger (Oiler)Lady Hawkins +
BritishCadogan, Fitzherbert, Merchant Navy21Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishCalder, Byron, Merchant Navy20General ServantLady Hawkins +
CanadianCallaghan, Lawrence Greenan, Merchant Navy19Second Radio OfficerLady Hawkins +
BritishCampbell, Witson Bazil, Merchant Navy37Smokeroom StewardLady Hawkins +
CanadianCannell, Wilfrid Edwin, Merchant Navy38Second StewardLady Hawkins +
AmericanCariglio, George, Civilian27PassengerLady Hawkins
AmericanCarolus, George V., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanCarpenter, Walter L., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanCarter, Arthur Raymond, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianCassidy, Henry J., Merchant Navy18Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
BritishChamberlain, William John George, Civilian28PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishCharles, James, Civilian40PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishCherebin, Godfrey, Merchant Navy24General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishChristmas, Harold William, RN44Passenger (Petty Officer)Lady Hawkins +
BritishClark, Albert Edgar, RN39Passenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianClayton, Robert Carter, Merchant Navy25Third Radio OfficerLady Hawkins
BritishCollie, Joseph Hugh, Civilian66PassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanCook, Walter L., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianCoolen, Carl Hastings, Merchant Navy39First OfficerLady Hawkins +
AmericanCooney, Thomas, Civilian21PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishCorpes, Edward, British Army32Passenger (Company Sergeant Major)Lady Hawkins
BritishCowper-Coles, Richard Henry, RNVR37Passenger (Lieutenant)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanCox, Edward K., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanCoyle, James Reison, Civilian38PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishCoyle, Vincent, RNPassenger (Stoker 2nd Class)Lady Hawkins +
BritishCozier, Miss F., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishCraddock, Cecil Herbert, RN26Passenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanCraig, Austin Eugene, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishCraig, James, RN19Passenger (Stoker 2nd Class)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanCripe, Harold B., Civilian20PassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanCripe, Orville, Civilian40PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianCubitt, Thomas Percy, Merchant Navy56Chief Engineer OfficerLady Hawkins +
CanadianCurwin, Ralph, Merchant Navy19Able SeamanLady Hawkins
BritishDalby, Ada, Civilian46PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishDanglar, Edison, Merchant Navy29Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishDaniels, Clifford Adolphus, Merchant Navy44FiremanLady Hawkins +
BritishDavis, George, RN34Passenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanDawson, Desmond B., Civilian41PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishDelmar, Leopold Francis, RN18Passenger (Stoker 2nd Class)Lady Hawkins +
BritishDewever, Joshua Arnold, Merchant Navy26General ServantLady Hawkins +
CanadianDion, Arthur Joseph Alexis, Civilian57PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishDixon, Colridge Chamberlain, Merchant Navy36Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishDixon, Daniel, Merchant Navy23Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishDobbins, Albert Edward, RNPassenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
BritishDoyle, Michael, RN27Passenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
BritishDugdale, Harold, British Army25Passenger (Sergeant)Lady Hawkins
CanadianDumouchel, Henry, Merchant Navy20Purser’s ClerkLady Hawkins +
BritishDuncan, Reginald, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishDunkley, Frederick, British Army31Passenger (Sergeant)Lady Hawkins
CanadianDunne, James Albert, Merchant Navy52Third Engineer OfficerLady Hawkins +
BritishDutton, Albert, RN25Passenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianDyck, Henry Jacob, Civilian39PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianEdward, George Ernest, Merchant Navy37Fifth Engineer OfficerLady Hawkins +
BritishEdwards, Miss W., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanEngeman, Phillip Samuel, Civilian50PassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanFausett, Horace Edward, Civilian27PassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanFausett, Noleen Carrie Campbell, Civilian25PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishFisher, Eric, British Army24Passenger (Sergeant)Lady Hawkins
BritishFitzgerald, Clement, RN28Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
CanadianForbes, Barbara Bothwell, Civilian24PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishForde, Edmund Otha, Merchant Navy38General ServantLady Hawkins +
AmericanGann, Leland C., Civilian29PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishGatt, Carmen, Civilian28PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishGee, John, RN20Passenger (Stoker)Lady Hawkins
CanadianGiffin, Huntley Osborne, Merchant Navy52MasterLady Hawkins +
BritishGlenn, Stewart, RM44Passenger (Gunner)Lady Hawkins
CanadianGorbell, Lillie C., Merchant Navy49StewardessLady Hawkins +
CanadianGoss, Lorna Margaret, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishGrant, Leslie James, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishGray, Charles, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishGreenidge, Edward, Merchant Navy21Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishHackett, Owen Francis, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianHadley, Eva, Civilian37PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianHague, William Andrew, Merchant Navy49BarmanLady Hawkins +
BritishHalfacre, Charles William, RN18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianHall, Lloyd Kenneth, Merchant Navy27Fourth Engineer OfficerLady Hawkins +
CanadianHamelin, William Theodule, Merchant Navy23QuartermasterLady Hawkins +
BritishHanlon, Edward, RN26Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishHards, George, Civilian48PassengerLady Hawkins
CanadianHards, George C., Civilian11PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishHarford, Frederick, Merchant Navy26General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishHarford, Sedley, Merchant Navy27Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishHarris, Fitzgerald, Merchant Navy21Utility BoyLady Hawkins
BritishHarris, John, RN37Passenger (Gunner (T))Lady Hawkins +
CanadianHayman, Donald Stanley, Merchant Navy30BakerLady Hawkins +
BritishHobbs, Thomas, RN34Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishHolder, Walter, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishHollingworth, Mabel, Civilian52PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianHoughton, Harry P., Merchant Navy52Chief Refrigerator EngineerLady Hawkins +
AmericanHughes, Jesse Floyd, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishHurley, Daniel, Merchant Navy29General ServantLady Hawkins
BritishHurst, Harry, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianIngram, Howard, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
BritishJackson, Kenneth, RN17Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishJacob, Effrage, Merchant Navy21FiremanLady Hawkins +
BritishJames, Ernest August, Merchant Navy29General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishJameson, William, RNVR49Passenger (Lieutenant)Lady Hawkins +
BritishJanes, Benjamin, RN26Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishJeffcock, Robert Wade, RN18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishJohnson, Albert James, Civilian39PassengerLady Hawkins
CanadianJohnson, Emma Marjorie, Civilian31PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishJohnson, Janet, Civilian2PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishJohnson, Maude Elizabeth, Civilian40PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishJohnstone, Peter Drysdale, RN24Passenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
BritishJones, Obyrne Justin, Merchant Navy39OilerLady Hawkins +
BritishJoynes, Elma Isabel, Civilian28PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianKelly, Percy Ambrose, Merchant Navy38Chief OfficerLady Hawkins
BritishKemp, Herbert Walter, RN55Passenger (Gunner)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianKent, Dale Seeley, Merchant Navy18Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
BritishKent, H.W., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishKetchum, Mrs. M.A., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishKeyse, William Joseph Samuel, RNPassenger (Leading Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
BritishKnight, Thomas Albert, RN21Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianKnock, June Angeline, Civilian25PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianKuhl, Rene Arnold, Merchant Navy37Second Engineer OfficerLady Hawkins +
BritishLarby, Frederick, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishLe Huquet, George Michael Roderick, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishLee, Peter, Merchant Navy24Second CookLady Hawkins +
BritishLeslie, Alvin, Merchant Navy36General ServantLady Hawkins
BritishLewis, James Alexander, Merchant Navy42General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishLinley, Fred, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishLinton, Evans Clairmonte, Merchant Navy32General ServantLady Hawkins +
AmericanLivengood, Daniel Eugene, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishLogan, Janie Elizabeth, Civilian40PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishLong, W.H., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishLyte, Clement, Merchant Navy39Supplementary CookLady Hawkins
CanadianMacgregor, D.W., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMacKenzie, Tom, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins
CanadianMacKinnon, Ivan Donald, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
CanadianMacoun, Julie Maude, Civilian63PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMacoun, Leslie Stuart, Civilian70PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMaingot, Mrs., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMaingot, Nortin, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianMarryatt, Ralph Emerson, RCNVR21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanMay, Arthur Herbert, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMayers, Dudley De Courcey, Merchant Navy29Passenger (Chef/Baker)Lady Hawkins +
BritishMaynard, Aubrey Fitzgerald, Merchant Navy22FiremanLady Hawkins +
CanadianMayo, Stanley, Merchant Navy23Second OfficerLady Hawkins +
BritishMcDermott, Daniel, RN18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianMcDonald, Thomas, Merchant Navy22QuartermasterLady Hawkins +
BritishMcElroy, J.W., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMcElroy, S.W., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanMcKeever, Raymond Charles, Civilian29PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMcLean, Helen, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMcLeod, M.C., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianMcNeil, Murray, Merchant Navy21SailorLady Hawkins
BritishMcRae, Ulric Valentine, Merchant Navy29FiremanLady Hawkins +
BritishMelvin, John, RN21Passenger (Officer’s Cook)Lady Hawkins
BritishMerriman, Walter Winfred, Merchant Navy21FiremanLady Hawkins +
BritishMeyer, Noel Lumley, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMillan, Charles Emilus, Civilian40PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMilton, Henry Walter, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanMooney, Carl, Civilian21PassengerLady Hawkins
AmericanMooney, Glenn, Civilian24PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishMoore, Leonard, RN29Passenger (Writer)Lady Hawkins
BritishMoore, Leopold Darvon, Merchant Navy41DonkeymanLady Hawkins +
CanadianMorin, Ovila, Merchant Navy39ChefLady Hawkins +
CanadianMorrison, Lewis Nelson, Merchant Navy44SurgeonLady Hawkins +
BritishMottram, James Norman, RN22Passenger (Leading Sick Berth Attendant)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanMunson, Herbert LeRoy, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishMurphy, Michael, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishNeal, William, British Army36Passenger (Company Sergeant Major)Lady Hawkins
BritishNeville, William Joseph, RNPassenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianNewell, Ephraim Eugene, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
AmericanNielsen, Charles F., Civilian29PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishNorton, Joseph Savage, RN36Passenger (Petty Officer Stoker)Lady Hawkins +
BritishNurse, Herman St. Clair, Merchant Navy46OilerLady Hawkins +
BritishNurse, John Wolverton, Merchant Navy41OilerLady Hawkins +
BritishPantin, Ivy Josephine, Civilian42PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishPark, James, RN25Passenger (Assistant Cook)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianParker, John Edward, Merchant Navy26PurserLady Hawkins +
BritishParker, William, NAPPassenger (Writer)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianParkinson, Robert Arthur, Civilian44PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianPaul, Gordon, Merchant Navy26QuartermasterLady Hawkins +
BritishPayne, Reginald Fitzherbert, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishPearson, George Albert, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishPeel, Janet, Civilian30PassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanPeoples, Orlande A., Civilian36PassengerLady Hawkins
AmericanPeoples, Vincel K., Civilian33PassengerLady Hawkins
CanadianPerkinson, Marian, Civilian34PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishPhillips, George W., Merchant Navy54General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishPhillips, Laurie James, Merchant Navy48General ServantLady Hawkins +
AmericanPittam, Charles Alonzo, Civilian45PassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanPittam, Charles William, Civilian23PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishPojunas, Joseph, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishPoole, Cedric, RN28Passenger (Writer)Lady Hawkins
CanadianPrevost, Armand C., Merchant Navy43ElectricianLady Hawkins +
CanadianPritchard, George Frederick, Civilian58PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishRamdayhan, Renwick, Merchant Navy27FiremanLady Hawkins +
AmericanReed, Charley Clifford, Civilian31PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishReid, Alice Maud, Civilian46PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianReilly, Edmund, Merchant Navy35Head WaiterLady Hawkins
BritishRice, Ernest, RN24Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishRichards, Dennis Joseph, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishRiviera, Austin Oslyn, Merchant Navy30General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishRiviera, Leo, Merchant Navy22Bell BoyLady Hawkins
BritishRiviera, Orville, Merchant Navy31General ServantLady Hawkins
AmericanRoberts, C.E., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianRoberts, John, Merchant Navy43Boatswain’s MateLady Hawkins +
BritishRobson, Robert, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianRoss, Donald Brenton, Merchant Navy26PlumberLady Hawkins +
BritishRoswell, Kenneth, RN21Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishRoyer, Bruce E., Merchant Navy29PrinterLady Hawkins +
CanadianRozee, James, Merchant Navy20Assistant PurserLady Hawkins
BritishRuddock, Reginald, RN21Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanSands, Earl Chester, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianSanfillipo, Jean, Merchant Navy23Assistant BakerLady Hawkins +
AmericanSchmitz, Lewis Albert, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
AmericanSchoonover, Henry A., Civilian53PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishSeales, Donald Oscar, Merchant Navy23PantrymanLady Hawkins +
BritishSeales, Ralph Henry, Merchant Navy27General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishSeraphin, Reid, Merchant Navy30OilerLady Hawkins
BritishShaw, Amyas George Fraser, RNVR29Passenger (Chaplain)Lady Hawkins +
BritishShepherd, Enos James, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishShillingford, Jacques, Merchant Navy20Assistant PantrymanLady Hawkins +
AmericanShorley, Donnell F., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishSidford, John Anthony Gordon, RNVR24Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Lady Hawkins +
CanadianSilverton, Edward, Merchant Navy32BarberLady Hawkins +
CanadianSimpson, John, Merchant Navy29Second Refrigerator EngineerLady Hawkins
CanadianSingleton, Herbert, Merchant Navy48Chief StewardLady Hawkins +
AmericanSitton, Claiborne L., Civilian20PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianSlaven, Frederick Augustin, Merchant Navy42First Radio OfficerLady Hawkins +
BritishSlawson, Donald Ernest, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianSmith, Albert Osborne, Merchant Navy44Boatswain (Bosun)Lady Hawkins +
BritishSmith, Thomas Alfred, Merchant Navy31Utility BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishSmith, Walter, RN21Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishSobers, Shamont, Merchant Navy34General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishSquires, Clarence, RN27Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
BritishSquires, Joseph, RN26Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins
CanadianSt. Pierre, Francois Xavier, Merchant Navy24Passenger (Chief Officer)Lady Hawkins +
CanadianStone, Philip Matthew, Merchant Navy26QuartermasterLady Hawkins +
BritishSylvester, Michael, Merchant Navy31Bell BoyLady Hawkins +
BritishTampsett, Charles, RN18Passenger (Stoker)Lady Hawkins
BritishTaylor, Ronald Upton, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishTheobalds, E.H.R., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianThompson, John, Merchant Navy35LinenkeeperLady Hawkins +
CanadianThompson, Leo, Merchant Navy25Able SeamanLady Hawkins
BritishTraill, Fraser, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishTraill, John, CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishTraill, John G., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishTraill, Mrs., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishTraverse, Jabez William, RNPassenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishTurner, James, RN19Passenger (Stoker)Lady Hawkins
CanadianTyrrell, Harold Edward, Merchant Navy18Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
AmericanVan Camp, Roscoe O., Civilian43PassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishVickery, Robert Leslie, RN36Passenger (Petty Officer Sick Berth)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanWake, Chester M., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
BritishWebb, Gordon Henry, Civilian20PassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianWhitby, Lorne, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanLady Hawkins +
AmericanWiemann, Walter H., CivilianPassengerLady Hawkins +
CanadianWillemstyn, Hermanus, Merchant Navy55Passenger (Master)Lady Hawkins +
AmericanWilliams, Frank L., Civilian30PassengerLady Hawkins
BritishWilliams, Harold, RN27Passenger (Able Seaman)Lady Hawkins +
BritishWilloughby, Oswald Edgar, Merchant Navy27General ServantLady Hawkins +
BritishWinter, Walter, RN30Passenger (Cook (S))Lady Hawkins +
AmericanWithrow, Earl W., Civilian19PassengerLady Hawkins
CanadianYounker, Fred D., Merchant Navy32StorekeeperLady Hawkins +

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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