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FFL Vikings (P 41)

French A/S trawler

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the French A/S trawler FFL Vikings (P 41).

Aboard FFL Vikings (P 41) when hit on 16 Apr 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
FrenchAicardi, André, Free French Navy17Matelot FusilierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchBasquin, Pierre Théodore Jean Baptiste, Free French Navy33Second Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchBoccanfuso, Jules, Free French Navy21Matelot ChauffeurFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchBories, Michel Emilien René, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître CuisinierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchBouleau, Jean Joseph Francis, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchCante, Jean Louis, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître ManœuvreFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchCassaigne, Jean Roland, Free French Navy20Quartier Maître MécanicienFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchChaumette, Roland Victor Fernand, Free French Navy21Matelot CuisinierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchChauvin, Jacques André Dominique, Free French Navy19Matelot CharpentierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchColin, Jean Marie, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchDaubelcour, Julien Pierre Jean, Free French Navy23Matelot GabierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchDecroix, Carnot Marceau, Free French Navy20Matelot FusilierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchDobo Sosse, Frédéric, Free French Navy35Matelot Maître D'HôtelFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchDuboc, Jean Maurice Bernard, Free French Navy37Second Maître ChauffeurFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchFavre, Yvan Charles, Free French Navy21Matelot FusilierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchFoegtlin, Pierre Louis Paul, Free French Navy23Second Maître RadioFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchFreydure, Claudius André, Free French Navy22Quartier Maître CommisFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchGirard, Guy Auguste Paul, Free French Navy16MatelotFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchGueguen, Joseph Marie, Free French Navy44Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchGuezel, Marcel Jean Louis, Free French Navy20Quartier Maître ÉlectricienFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchKiehl, Louis, Free French Navy24Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchL'Hotellier, Auguste François, Free French Navy40Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchLaine, Jean Joachim, Free French Navy22Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchLamezec, Yves Louis Marie, Free French Navy24Quartier Maître ÉlectricienFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchLardoux, Albert Francis Marie, Free French Navy18Matelot CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchLe Roy, Pierre Raymond Louis, Free French Navy22Quartier Maître ÉlectricienFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchLemonnier Du Ronceray, Roger Jean Robert, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître MécanicienFFL Vikings (P 41) +
BritishLittle, James, RN22SignalmanFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchMailharin, Arnaud, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchMaitre, Roger Roland, Free French Navy21Quartier Maître RadioFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchMarzin, Jean Marie Noël, Free French Navy21Matelot GabierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchMenez, Jean Marie, Free French Navy20Matelot FusilierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchMezzana, Paul François Louis, Free French Navy18Matelot GabierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchN'Diaye, Doudou, Free French Navy23Matelot Maître D'HôtelFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchPeloux, Yves René, Free French Navy21Matelot CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchQueyroi, Yves Simon, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître BoulangerFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchSalahum, Roger Alfred Louis, Free French Navy22Quartier Maître MécanicienFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchSantarelli, Pierre, Free French Navy28Enseigne de VaisseauFFL Vikings (P 41)
FrenchSimonot, Elie, Free French Navy37Quartier Maître ArmurierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchTardo Dino, Paul Louis Frantz, Free French Navy31Premier Maître HydrographeFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchTouchaleaume, Elie, Free French Navy27Lieutenant de VaisseauFFL Vikings (P 41)
FrenchTraboulsy, Emile, Free French Navy22Quartier Maître CanonnierFFL Vikings (P 41) +
FrenchViolant, Simon François Marie, Free French Navy23Quartier Maître TimonierFFL Vikings (P 41) +

43 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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