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American steam merchant

Illinois under her former name Las Vegas. Photo from City of Vancouver Archives, CVA 447-2401

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Illinois.

Aboard Illinois when hit on 2 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAasted, Christian Severin, Merchant MarineSecond MateIllinois +
AmericanBarrus, Merton S., Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois
AmericanBeresheim, Charles John, Merchant MarineThird MateIllinois +
AmericanCaldwell, Edward James, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperIllinois +
CanadianCampbell, Edmond Andrew, Merchant MarineOilerIllinois +
AmericanCapo, Anthony, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperIllinois +
AmericanClayton, Atwood Addison, Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerIllinois +
AmericanDearborn, Stewart Morton, Merchant MarineMessmanIllinois +
AmericanDecker, Theodore Percival, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Illinois +
AmericanErickson, Richard, Merchant MarineMessmanIllinois +
AmericanFlorek, Theodore, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperIllinois +
AmericanFulton, David Hugh, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanIllinois +
AmericanKokinis, Antonio, Merchant MarineCookIllinois +
AmericanMario, Andrew, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperIllinois +
AmericanMathiesen, Hans, Merchant MarineMasterIllinois +
AmericanMcGinnity, John Joseph, Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois +
AmericanMorton, Perry Shannon, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperIllinois +
AmericanNilson, Edward, Merchant MarineOilerIllinois +
AmericanO'Connor, Joseph Michael, Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois +
AmericanOlando, Carrol Alfanso, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanIllinois +
AmericanParker, Edward, Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois +
AmericanPerrault, Joseph Edward, Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois +
AmericanPeterson, Roy August, Merchant MarineChief EngineerIllinois +
AmericanRoshcaln, George Rudolph, Merchant MarineChief MateIllinois +
AmericanSullivan, Joseph Thomas, Merchant MarineDeck EngineerIllinois +
AmericanVail, Leslie Gilson, Merchant MarineRadio OperatorIllinois +
AmericanVelasco, Josef Von, Merchant MarineStewardIllinois +
AmericanWeedon, Leonard Albert, Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois +
AmericanWeide, Louis, Merchant MarineCookIllinois +
AmericanWhalen, Patrick Bryan, Merchant Marine57First Assistant EngineerIllinois +
CanadianWilliams, Marshall George, Merchant MarineCarpenterIllinois +
AmericanZucowska, Joseph Charles, Merchant MarineAble SeamanIllinois +

32 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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