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Maria da Glória

Portuguese sailing ship

Photo courtesy of Antonio Fangueiro

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Portuguese sailing ship Maria da Glória.

Aboard Maria da Glória when hit on 5 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Afonso, António Carlos, Fishing Fleet17BoyMaria da Glória +
Baló, António Ramos, Fishing Fleet35SailorMaria da Glória +
Baló, Manoel dos Ramos, Fishing Fleet32SailorMaria da Glória +
Brázida, António Luís, Fishing Fleet24SailorMaria da Glória +
Brázida, João Luís, Fishing Fleet29SailorMaria da Glória +
Cardoso Roque, José A., Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Cardoso Roque, Manuel, Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Caspão, João Valente, Fishing Fleet23SailorMaria da Glória +
Castanahão, Carlos, Fishing Fleet32CookMaria da Glória +
Cego, António Santos, Fishing Fleet26SailorMaria da Glória +
Costeira, João Maria, Fishing Fleet37SailorMaria da Glória
Flora, Felisberto Pires, Fishing Fleet54SailorMaria da Glória +
Fonseca, Isidro da, Fishing Fleet34SailorMaria da Glória
Freirinha, José Martins, Fishing Fleet49SailorMaria da Glória +
Gandarinho, António Maria, Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Graça, José Francisco da, Fishing Fleet40SailorMaria da Glória +
Guerra, Júlio de Abreu, Fishing Fleet33SailorMaria da Glória +
Macatrão, Eustáquio Caria, Fishing Fleet24SailorMaria da Glória +
Martins, José, Fishing Fleet22Assistant CookMaria da Glória
Martins, Manuel Gualberto, Fishing Fleet21SailorMaria da Glória +
Neves, Armando das, Fishing Fleet20SailorMaria da Glória +
Neves, Laurélio das, Fishing Fleet33SailorMaria da Glória
Neves, Lázaro das, Fishing Fleet25SailorMaria da Glória
Parrolheiro, Manoel dos S., Fishing Fleet28SailorMaria da Glória +
Patusco, Américo Pereira, Fishing Fleet38SailorMaria da Glória +
Pereira, João Rosa, Fishing Fleet19BoyMaria da Glória +
Pinto, Jacinto Alcides T., Fishing Fleet27Assistant EngineerMaria da Glória +
Ramalheira, Artur Pereira, Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Ramalheira, Sílvio, Fishing Fleet39MasterMaria da Glória
Ramizote, Ramiro Nunes, Fishing Fleet42SailorMaria da Glória +
Ramos, José, Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Redondo, João Manuel P., Fishing Fleet16BoyMaria da Glória +
Rocha Rito, José da, Fishing Fleet25SailorMaria da Glória +
Santos, António dos, Fishing Fleet49CoxswainMaria da Glória
Santos, António Maria dos, Fishing Fleet27SailorMaria da Glória +
Santos Matias, José dos, Fishing Fleet32SailorMaria da Glória +
Santos Neves, Manuel dos, Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Santos P. Novo, Miguel dos, Fishing Fleet20BoyMaria da Glória +
Sarabando, Domingos, Fishing Fleet28EngineerMaria da Glória +
Simões, António André, Fishing FleetSailorMaria da Glória +
Simões, Joaquim Lino, Fishing Fleet27SailorMaria da Glória +
Simões, Júlio da C., Fishing Fleet36SailorMaria da Glória +
Tróia, José Menício, Fishing Fleet38First OfficerMaria da Glória
Viegas, José Maduro, Fishing Fleet34SailorMaria da Glória +

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