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American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Lebore.

Aboard Lebore when hit on 14 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAckema, Frederik H., Merchant Navy21ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchBak, Roelof, Merchant Navy44ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore, Ceres
DutchBalgen, Jean Jacques Marinus, Merchant Navy19ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchBerenbak, Willem Marius, Merchant Navy24ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchBoltersdorf, Jan Leendert, Merchant Navy38ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchBrevet, Jan, Merchant Navy21ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchBruin, Martinus Johannes, Merchant Navy47ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchDeen, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy17ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianFrette, Sigmund, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchGardeslen, Cornelis Frits, Merchant Navy35ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchGroeneveld, Jan, Merchant Navy29ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchGuijt, IJsbrand, Merchant Navy24ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianGustavsen, Sverre Hilmer, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianHenriksen, Jens Teodor, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchHerdigein, Rudolph G., Merchant Navy22ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
AmericanHower, Ross, Merchant Marine34ShipwreckedSylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchKeijzer, Adrianus C. de, Merchant Navy47ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
AmericanKirby, Harry, Merchant Marine40First Assistant EngineerLebore +
DutchLabadie, Willmar M.C., Merchant Navy35ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianLarsen, Walter, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchLendorf, Johannes Hermanus A., Merchant Navy47ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchLenting, Aloysius J., Merchant Navy19ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianLyngÄs, Haugar, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore, Katy
DutchMandemakers, Johannes L., Merchant Navy37ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
BritishMurry, Francis, Merchant Marine19ShipwreckedSylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchNieuwenhuijsen, Willem, Merchant Navy42ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianNilsen, Hildemar, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchOehlers, George L., Merchant Navy21ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
AmericanPeacock, Roy A., Merchant MarineShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchProvence, Vicente German, Merchant Navy20ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchQuirindongo, Juan Ramin, Merchant Navy36ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchRavens, Pieter van, Merchant Navy36ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
Puerto RicanRodriguez, Francisco, Merchant Marine38ShipwreckedSylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchRooij, Gijsbertus van, Merchant Navy41ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchRoos, Aris, Merchant Navy52ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchSchuurman, Jan, Merchant Navy37ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianSilden, Sverre Monden, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
PhilippineSimon, San Juan, Merchant Marine33ShipwreckedSylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianSivertsen, Anker, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchSpits, Fedde, Merchant Navy54ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
AmericanStebbins, Spencer E., USN21Seaman Second ClassLebore
DutchStorm, Hendrik Marie Theodorus, Merchant Navy38ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
DutchStraatman, Hendrikus Wilhelmus, Merchant Navy36ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
VenezuelanSulbaran, Carlos Pastor, Merchant Navy42ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
NorwegianSyvertsen, Karl Egon, Merchant NavyShipwreckedLise, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchVrolijk, Maarten, Merchant Navy49ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore
AmericanWheeler, H., Merchant Marine19ShipwreckedSylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Lebore
DutchWilnis, Otmar, Merchant Navy23ShipwreckedCrijnssen, Lebore

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