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San Blas

Panamanian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Panamanian steam merchant San Blas.

Aboard San Blas when hit on 17 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
HonduranArzu, Cesareo, Merchant Marine26MessmanSan Blas +
HonduranAvila, Jose, Merchant MarineFiremanSan Blas
HonduranBennett, Henry A., Merchant MarineSeamanSan Blas
HonduranBodden, Albert, Merchant Marine24Fireman/WiperSan Blas +
HonduranBrooks, Cleveland, Merchant Marine36MessmanSan Blas +
AmericanChristensen, Axel Sondergaard, USNRCoxswainSan Blas +
HonduranColoman, Bartalo, Merchant MarineEngine StewardSan Blas
HonduranDelarca, Fausto, Merchant MarineSeamanSan Blas
BritishDouglas, Robert, Merchant Marine50Chief EngineerSan Blas +
NorwegianElvsås, Reidar Karsten, Merchant Marine33Able SeamanSan Blas +
AmericanEvans, John, Merchant Marine25Second MateSan Blas +
HonduranFrancisco, Woodrow, Merchant Marine23CookSan Blas +
SpanishGarcia, Jose, Merchant Marine41CarpenterSan Blas +
HonduranGayle, Rupert, Merchant Marine23UtilitymanSan Blas +
HonduranGomez, Estanislao, Merchant Marine38Fireman/WiperSan Blas +
AmericanGould, Sherman Horace, Merchant Marine30Third Assistant EngineerSan Blas +
HonduranHernandez, Carlos, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanSan Blas +
HonduranHowell, Cyril, Merchant MarineSeamanSan Blas
AmericanHughes, Thomas A., Merchant MarineEngineerSan Blas
AmericanJacobson, Milton, Merchant MarineCadetSan Blas
AmericanKauffmann, Frank Le Suer, USNRSeaman Second ClassSan Blas +
AmericanKay, Erin Epting, USNRSeaman Second ClassSan Blas +
AmericanKiser, Eugene, USNApprentice SeamanSan Blas
AmericanKolb, Mark John, USNApprentice SeamanSan Blas
HonduranMcNab, Elsworth, Merchant Marine19Able SeamanSan Blas +
HonduranMolina, Jose, Merchant Marine20OilerSan Blas +
BritishMorgan, Walter, Merchant Marine50SaloonmanSan Blas +
HonduranMurillo, Francisco, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanSan Blas +
AmericanNaismith, Robert, Merchant Marine56First Assistant EngineerSan Blas +
DanishNielsen, Kaj Børge Trane, Merchant Marine25Second Assistant EngineerSan Blas +
HonduranPaz, Rodolfo, Merchant Marine21Ordinary SeamanSan Blas +
AmericanPopley, Charles, Merchant Marine49Chief CookSan Blas +
NorwegianRiisøen, Olaf, Merchant Marine41Boatswain (Bosun)San Blas +
SpanishRodriguez, Dionisio, Merchant Marine46Refrigerating EngineerSan Blas +
HonduranRomero, Pablo, Merchant Marine20Able SeamanSan Blas +
AmericanScavo, Frank T., Merchant MarineThird MateSan Blas
HonduranStanley, Ricardo, Merchant Marine23MessmanSan Blas +
CanadianStrong, Albert Ralph, Merchant MarineChief MateSan Blas
HonduranSuazo, Gustavo, Merchant MarineSeamanSan Blas
AmericanTrewine, James, Merchant MarineRadio OperatorSan Blas
HonduranVarela, Jose, Merchant Marine24WiperSan Blas +
HonduranVindel, Francisco, Merchant Marine21OilerSan Blas +
DanishWeesgaard, Anders, Merchant Marine51MasterOntario, San Blas +
AmericanWimprine, Severin, Merchant MarineChief StewardSan Blas

44 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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