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Princess Marguerite

Canadian troop transport

Photo from City of Vancouver Archives, CVA 447-2597

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Canadian troop transport Princess Marguerite.

Aboard Princess Marguerite when hit on 17 Aug 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Adamson, Thomas, British Army26Passenger (Signalman)Princess Marguerite +
Allan, George Henry Mayne, British Army37Passenger (Serjeant)Princess Marguerite +
Andrews, Thomas Henry, British Army27Passenger (Lance Serjeant)Princess Marguerite +
Ayres, Albert Frederick, British Army27Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Babu Mane, , British Army22Passenger (Sepoy)Princess Marguerite +
Black, Robert, British Army30Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Blackburn, Joseph, British Army30Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Blundred, Charles, British Army28Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Braby, Kennard Clarence, British Army26Passenger (Gunner)Princess Marguerite +
Browne, Ernest Noval, British Army27Passenger (Serjeant)Princess Marguerite +
Chaitter, , British ArmyPassenger (Cook)Princess Marguerite +
Chhote Khan, , British ArmyPassenger (Water Carrier)Princess Marguerite +
Clancey, J., British ArmyPassenger (Private)Princess Marguerite
Coppack, Albert, British Army30Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Davies, Ernest, British Army26Passenger (Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Dean, Allen Albert, British Army22Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Dharmalingam, , British Army22Passenger (Waiter)Princess Marguerite +
Ellerker, Morris, British Army20Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Fazl Illahi, , British Army19Passenger (Cook)Princess Marguerite +
Fisk, G., Merchant NavyChief OfficerPrincess Marguerite, Duchess of Atholl
Garstang, F., British ArmyPassenger (Private)Princess Marguerite
Hackett, William Gordon, British Army27Passenger (Signalman)Princess Marguerite +
Hambly, H.C., British ArmyPassenger (Conductor)Princess Marguerite
Hardy, George Henry, British Army27Passenger (Serjeant)Princess Marguerite +
Harrison, John Walter, British Army22Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Hartley, Thomas, British Army35Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Haugh, John Vincent, British Army27Passenger (Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Hurdman, Richard Charles, British Army24Passenger (Signalman)Princess Marguerite +
Hurst, Richard Edward, British Army25Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Lal Khan, , British Army20Passenger (Signalman)Princess Marguerite +
Lamb, Alfred, British Army22Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Laxuman Rangnekar, , British Army24Passenger (Sepoy)Princess Marguerite +
Leicester, Richard Avery , Merchant NavyMasterPrincess Marguerite
Lomax, James, British Army31Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Lorton, Clarence Henry, British Army37Passenger (Serjeant)Princess Marguerite +
Lovell, Peter, British Army23Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Lowe, Joseph Walters, British Army25Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Macnamara, Bernard Joseph, British Army27Passenger (Serjeant)Princess Marguerite +
Maidwell, Leonard, British Army25Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Manbridge, Stanley Frederick, British Army25Passenger (Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
McKnight, W.E., Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)Princess Marguerite, Duchess of Atholl
Mcneil, William, British Army26Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Millson, Leonard, British Army25Passenger (Signalman)Princess Marguerite +
Morley, George William, British Army30Passenger (Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Narayanaswami, V.M., British ArmyPassenger (Sapper)Princess Marguerite +
Nicholl, G.H., British ArmyPassenger (Serjeant)Princess Marguerite
Nix, Stanley Harold, British Army26Passenger (Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Ramzan, , British Army37Passenger (Cook)Princess Marguerite +
Russell, George, British Army26Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Sclare, David, British Army29Passenger (Gunner)Princess Marguerite +
Sheikh Ahmad, , British Army23Passenger (Water Carrier)Princess Marguerite +
Spence, Robert Lloyd, British Army24Passenger (Fusilier)Princess Marguerite +
Stewart, James, British Army30Passenger (Corporal)Princess Marguerite
Sweeney, Edward, British Army39Passenger (Private)Princess Marguerite +
Thiagarajan, , British ArmyPassenger (Lance Naik)Princess Marguerite +
Torevell, William, British Army28Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Turner, William Edward, British Army28Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Vadakannu, , British Army24Passenger (Signalman)Princess Marguerite +
Warri-Winram, George Kenneth, British Army33Passenger (Captain)Princess Marguerite +
Waterman, Charles Frederick, British Army26Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +
Wattam, Gordon, British Army29Passenger (Lance Corporal)Princess Marguerite +

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