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Clan Mactavish

British steam merchant

Photo Courtesy of Library of Contemporary History, Stuttgart

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant Clan Mactavish.

Aboard Clan Mactavish when hit on 8 Oct 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul, , Merchant Navy45FiremanClan Mactavish +
Abdul Ghani, , Merchant Navy22LascarClan Mactavish +
Abdul Jabar, , Merchant Navy25FiremanClan Mactavish +
Abdul Subhan, , Merchant Navy36TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Ain Ullah, , Merchant Navy40First TindalClan Mactavish +
Akram Ullah, , Merchant Navy51FiremanClan Mactavish +
Ali Akbar, , Merchant Navy33SeacunnyClan Mactavish +
Arthur, Ernest Edwin, Merchant Navy49MasterClan Mactavish +
Asad Ullah, , Merchant Navy44TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Ashraf Ullah, , Merchant Navy43FiremanClan Mactavish +
Farid Mian, , Merchant Navy37FiremanClan Mactavish +
Fazl Mian, , Merchant Navy25BhandaryClan Mactavish +
Fox, Geoffrey Aldom, Merchant Navy41Chief OfficerClan Mactavish +
Hicks, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy30Third Engineer OfficerClan Mactavish +
Husain, , Merchant Navy23TopassClan Mactavish +
Iklash Mian, , Merchant Navy37OilerClan Mactavish +
Jamshed Ullah, , Merchant Navy43Fireman’s SerangClan Mactavish +
Jensen, Jens Robert, Merchant Navy41ShipwreckedBoringia, Clan Mactavish +
Kalloah, , Merchant Navy40TopassClan Mactavish +
Keir, David, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerClan Mactavish +
Khalil Mian, , Merchant Navy22TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Khitab Ullah, , Merchant Navy58Second TindalClan Mactavish +
Khurshid Alam, , Merchant Navy40Deck SerangClan Mactavish +
Lowson, Peter Ronald, Merchant Navy22Fourth OfficerClan Mactavish +
Mahtab Ullah, , Merchant Navy34FiremanClan Mactavish +
Manning, Harry Guy, Merchant Navy31ShipwreckedBoringia, Clan Mactavish +
McEachern, Donald, Merchant Navy36CarpenterClan Mactavish +
Motaher Ali, , Merchant Navy29OilerClan Mactavish +
Mubarak Ali, , Merchant Navy33TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Muhabbat Ali, , Merchant Navy48CassabClan Mactavish +
Muhammad, , Merchant Navy40Cook and BakerClan Mactavish +
Muhammad Isaq, , Merchant Navy33General ServantClan Mactavish +
Muhammad Yunis Mian, , Merchant Navy38FiremanClan Mactavish +
Najib Ullah, , Merchant Navy52FiremanClan Mactavish +
Nasib Ullah, , Merchant Navy21TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Nazir Ahmad, , Merchant Navy23LascarClan Mactavish +
Nielsen, Meta, Merchant Navy30ShipwreckedBoringia, Clan Mactavish +
North, David Allan, Merchant Navy30ShipwreckedBoringia, Clan Mactavish +
Nur Ali, , Merchant Navy52FiremanClan Mactavish +
Nur Zaman, , Merchant Navy44SeacunnyClan Mactavish +
Paterson, James Ernest, Merchant Navy20Fifth Engineer OfficerClan Mactavish +
Pennington, John Gordon, Merchant Navy20Third Radio OfficerClan Mactavish +
Rahman Ullah, , Merchant Navy47FiremanClan Mactavish +
Rasmussen, Gunnar Tage Errebo, Merchant Navy25ShipwreckedBoringia, Clan Mactavish +
Richard, George Alexander, Merchant Navy41Second Engineer OfficerClan Mactavish +
Sahib Ullah, , Merchant Navy37DonkeymanClan Mactavish +
Sayid Ahmad, , Merchant Navy22TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Sayid Ullah, , Merchant Navy20TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Shafi Ullah, , Merchant Navy26FiremanClan Mactavish +
Sidiq, , Merchant Navy25TopassClan Mactavish +
Sikandar, , Merchant Navy46CassabClan Mactavish +
Smith, Cyril Frederick Dennis, RN25Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Clan Mactavish +
Sofath Ullah, , Merchant Navy39DonkeymanClan Mactavish +
Spalding, John, Merchant Navy26Fourth Engineer OfficerClan Mactavish +
Tera Mian, , Merchant Navy32FiremanClan Mactavish +
Thakur Mian, , Merchant Navy35TrimmerClan Mactavish +
Thomas, George Ronald, Merchant NavySecond OfficerClan Mactavish
Wali Ullah, , Merchant Navy22LascarClan Mactavish +
Weaver, Stanley, RN29Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Clan Mactavish +
Zaban Ali, , Merchant Navy53OilerClan Mactavish +

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