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City of Ripon

British steam merchant

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant City of Ripon.

Aboard City of Ripon when hit on 11 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Hamid, , Merchant Navy28TrimmerCity of Ripon +
Abdul Kadi, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Ripon +
Abdul Majid, , Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Ripon +
Abdul Qadir, , Merchant Navy47SeamanCity of Ripon +
Abdul Rahman, , Merchant Navy22SeamanCity of Ripon +
Ahmad Husain, , Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Ripon +
Ali Ramzan Khan, , Merchant Navy33BhandaryCity of Ripon +
Alu Mian, , Merchant Navy20TrimmerCity of Ripon +
Aman Ullah, , Merchant Navy28TrimmerCity of Ripon +
Anjab Ullah, , Merchant Navy24GreaserCity of Ripon +
Anwar Ali, , Merchant Navy34SeamanCity of Ripon +
Arzid Ali, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Ripon +
Auzir Ali, , Merchant Navy41FiremanCity of Ripon +
Ayub Ullah, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Ripon +
Azid Ali, , Merchant Navy37GreaserCity of Ripon +
Buckland, John Francis, British Army23Lance Bombardier (DEMS gunner)City of Ripon +
Burton, Herbert Stanley, Merchant Navy41Chief OfficerCity of Ripon +
Chhotu, , Merchant Navy41TopassCity of Ripon +
D'Costa, I., Merchant NavyCookCity of Ripon +
Davies, David Daniel, Merchant Navy49QuartermasterCity of Ripon +
De Costa, P., Merchant Navy23Chief CookCity of Ripon +
Everatt, Albert, Merchant Navy21Fifth Engineer OfficerCity of Ripon +
Fazal-Ur-Rahman, , Merchant Navy34SeamanCity of Ripon +
Gomes, Terry, Merchant Navy50Chief CookCity of Ripon +
Gregory, Thomas, Merchant Navy32CarpenterCity of Ripon +
Grundy, Walter John, Merchant Navy17Third Radio OfficerCity of Ripon, Surada
Hague, Norman, Merchant NavySenior Radio OperatorCity of Ripon
Haigh, Cyril, Merchant Navy20Third OfficerCity of Ripon +
Hashmat Ullah, , Merchant Navy41Fireman's SerangCity of Ripon +
Hatam Ullah, , Merchant Navy32FiremanCity of Ripon +
Husain Afsar-Ud-Din Ahmad, , Merchant Navy23TrimmerCity of Ripon +
Husain Ahmad, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Ripon +
Ibrahim, , Merchant Navy28SeamanCity of Ripon +
Johnson, Eric, Merchant Navy25Second OfficerCity of Ripon +
Kemp, Kenneth Christopher, Merchant Navy25Third Engineer OfficerCity of Ripon +
King, Horace Joseph, British Army35GunnerCity of Ripon +
Morley, John Henry, Merchant Navy62Chief Engineer OfficerCity of Ripon +
Morris, Thomas, Merchant Navy29QuartermasterCity of Ripon +
Muhammad Husain, , Merchant Navy42TrimmerCity of Ripon +
Muhammad Husain, , Merchant Navy37TindalCity of Ripon +
Muhammad Husain, , Merchant Navy37CassabCity of Ripon +
Muhammad Qasi, , Merchant Navy23General ServantCity of Ripon +
Muhammad Ramzan, , Merchant Navy39SeamanCity of Ripon +
Munaf Ali, , Merchant Navy31FiremanCity of Ripon +
Nur Mian, , Merchant Navy45SeamanCity of Ripon +
Proctor, John Henry, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)City of Ripon +
Qadir Beg, , Merchant Navy39TindalCity of Ripon +
Qasim Ullah, , Merchant Navy37FiremanCity of Ripon +
Qurban Ali, , Merchant Navy39TrimmerCity of Ripon +
Rajab Ali, , Merchant Navy47SeamanCity of Ripon +
Richmond, Philip Victor, Merchant NavySenior Radio OfficerCity of Ripon
Robinson, John Edward, Merchant Navy52MasterCity of Ripon
Salamat Ullah, , Merchant Navy42General ServantCity of Ripon +
Sazid Ullah, , Merchant Navy47FiremanCity of Ripon +
Sheikh Bhondu, , Merchant Navy41General ServantCity of Ripon +
Sher Ullah, , Merchant Navy34DonkeymanCity of Ripon +
Sikand Mian, , Merchant Navy42CassabCity of Ripon +
Sikandar Ali, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Ripon +
Spenceley, Fred Pearson, Merchant Navy47Second Engineer OfficerCity of Ripon +
Umar Mian, , Merchant Navy50General ServantCity of Ripon +
Umed Ali, , Merchant Navy33BhandaryCity of Ripon +
Walker, Frederick Arthur, Merchant Navy20Sixth Engineer OfficerCity of Ripon +
Watar Mian, , Merchant Navy50TindalCity of Ripon +
Wazid Ullah, , Merchant Navy42FiremanCity of Ripon +
Zafar, , Merchant Navy40TindalCity of Ripon +
Zawad Ali, , Merchant Navy21TindalCity of Ripon +

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