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Dutch steam merchant

Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Polydorus.

Aboard Polydorus when hit on 27 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Althorpe, W.H., RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner) Polydorus
Au Chuen, , Merchant Navy38Fitter Polydorus
Ballard, T.P., Merchant NavySecond Steward Polydorus
Barker, T., Merchant NavyRadio Operator Polydorus
Best, L., British ArmyDEMS gunner Polydorus
Beymerwerdt, Elisabertus Johannes van, Merchant Navy48Chief Engineer Officer Polydorus
Bierenbroodspot, Albert Ferdinand, Merchant Navy36Chief Steward Polydorus
Bracewell, P.P., Merchant NavyMidshipman Polydorus
Briddon, G.E., Merchant NavyMidshipman Polydorus
Brothers, , Civilian15Passenger Polydorus
Brouwer, Hermannus, Merchant Navy44Master Polydorus
Brouwer, Pieter, Merchant Navy51Fourth Engineer Officer Polydorus
Caine, T., RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner) Polydorus
Cattanach, C., British ArmyDEMS gunner Polydorus
Chan Kin, , Merchant Navy24Assistant Steward Polydorus
Chan Low, , Merchant Navy39Cook Polydorus
Chan Ngau, , Merchant Navy31Fireman Polydorus
Chan Sang, , Merchant Navy45Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Chan Tin Yau, , Merchant Navy44Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Chan Tong, , Merchant Navy49Donkeyman Polydorus
Cheng Cheong, , Merchant Navy57Storekeeper Polydorus
Cheng Lam, , Merchant Navy32Fireman Polydorus
Cheng Tak, , Merchant Navy33Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Cheung Chung, , Merchant Navy38Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Chu Shing, , Merchant Navy46Fireman Polydorus
Driscoll, D., British ArmyDEMS gunner Polydorus
Elmendorp, Johannes Jacobus, Merchant Navy22Third Engineer Officer Polydorus
Flight, Walter, Merchant Navy32Second Engineer Officer Polydorus
Fong Muk, , Merchant Navy36Galley Boy Polydorus
Gilchrist, T.R., Merchant NavySurgeon Polydorus
Henthorn, V., Second Gunlayer (DEMS gunner) Polydorus
Ho Chuen, , Merchant Navy34Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Ho Yau, , Merchant Navy35Fireman Polydorus
Hughes, A.J., Merchant NavySteward Polydorus
Ip For, , Merchant Navy25Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Jenkins, W.T., Merchant NavyBreechworker Polydorus
Johnstone, D.P., Merchant NavyFourth Officer Polydorus
King, G.A.B., Merchant NavyMidshipman Polydorus
Lai Sin, , Merchant Navy32Fireman Polydorus
Lai Soo, , Merchant Navy39Quartermaster Polydorus
Lai Yan, , Merchant Navy24Assistant Steward Polydorus
Lau Ching, , Merchant Navy50Fireman Polydorus
Lau Foon, , Merchant Navy36Greaser Polydorus
Lau Kang, , Merchant Navy32Assistant Steward Polydorus
Lau Shing, , Merchant Navy44Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Lau Shing, , Merchant Navy41Boatswain (Bosun) Polydorus
Lee Fook, , Merchant Navy44Quartermaster Polydorus
Leslie, J., Merchant NavyMidshipman Polydorus
Leung Kwong, , Merchant Navy34Greaser Polydorus
Li Fook, , Merchant Navy24Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Li Tak, , Merchant Navy51Greaser Polydorus
Li Yung, , Merchant Navy44Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Lo Tim, , Merchant Navy46Quartermaster Polydorus
Lock Shui, , Merchant Navy44Second Cook Polydorus
Lok Ying, , Merchant Navy45Chief Cook Polydorus
Lok Ying, , Merchant Navy32Assistant Steward Polydorus
Low Seng, , Merchant Navy41Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
MacKenzie, , Civilian50Passenger Polydorus
Mak Chim, , Merchant Navy41Donkeyman Polydorus
Man Ying, , Merchant Navy29Fireman Polydorus
Milburne, M., British ArmyDEMS gunner Polydorus
Most, Marcus Hendrik van der, Merchant Navy40Third Officer Haulerwijk, Polydorus
Newton, A., British ArmyDEMS gunner Polydorus
Ng Kee, , Merchant Navy25Fireman Polydorus
Ng Soo, , Merchant Navy21Fireman Polydorus
Ngan Tak, , Merchant Navy40Fireman Polydorus +
Pang Dai, , Merchant Navy41Ordinary Seaman Polydorus
Pinder, W.E., Merchant NavyRadio Operator Polydorus
Salomons, Bernard, Merchant Navy27Second Officer Polydorus
Smith, R., British ArmyDEMS gunner Polydorus
Thompson, C.C.L., Merchant NavyFifth Engineer Officer Polydorus
Tsang Choy, , Merchant Navy35Steward Polydorus
Vuure, Arijan van, Merchant Navy42Chief Officer Alcinous, Polydorus
Wat Hung, , Merchant Navy50Fireman Polydorus
Widd, G., Gunlayer (DEMS gunner) Polydorus
Wong Fat, , Merchant Navy43Cook Polydorus
Wong Shun, , Merchant Navy42Second Boatswain Polydorus
Wong Wui, , Merchant Navy36Quartermaster Polydorus
Yee Ho, , Merchant Navy45Carpenter Polydorus
Yim Shing, , Merchant Navy32Fireman Polydorus
Zwart, Jan de, Merchant Navy41Chief Radio Operator Polydorus

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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