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Jean Jadot

Belgian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Belgian steam merchant Jean Jadot.

Aboard Jean Jadot when hit on 20 Jan 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
BelgianAdriaenssens, Gummarus, Merchant Navy44Mess Room StewardJean Jadot
BritishAhmed Zabir, , Merchant Navy30FiremanJean Jadot
FrenchAli Darhime, , Merchant Navy30FiremanJean Jadot
SpanishAnsaldo, Enrico, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardJean Jadot
BritishBanner, William, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
BelgianBonte, Karel, Merchant Navy50Second StewardJean Jadot
BelgianBroeckx, François, Merchant Navy31Mess Room StewardJean Jadot
FrenchCamara, Marka, Merchant Navy37FiremanJean Jadot
BelgianCarion, Raoul, Merchant NavyCadetVille de Gand, Jean Jadot
BritishCarroll, Edward, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
FrenchCatherine, Cyrille, Merchant Navy17FiremanJean Jadot
BelgianCatteau, Henri, Merchant NavyAssistant EngineerJean Jadot, Belgian Airman
BritishChurchill, Alfred, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
BelgianClauw, Ernest, Merchant NavyChief BakerJean Jadot
BritishCoghlan, Thomas, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
FrenchCoulibaly, Inohy, Merchant Navy38FiremanJean Jadot
BelgianDamien, Paul J., Merchant Navy33Third OfficerJean Jadot
BritishDavidson, James, Merchant NavyGalley BoyJean Jadot
BelgianDe Herdt, Kamiel, Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerJean Jadot
BelgianDe Marbaix, Raymond, Merchant NavyAssistant EngineerJean Jadot
BelgianDe Plecker, Georges, Merchant NavyFourth OfficerJean Jadot
FrenchDiakaate, Semba, Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot
FrenchDiando, Abdoulaye, Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot
FrenchDobale, Samoum, Merchant Navy50FiremanJean Jadot
BelgianDua, Charles, Merchant NavyCarpenterJean Jadot +
FrenchDuzant, Albert, Merchant NavyDonkeymanJean Jadot
BritishEdwards, George, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
BelgianFarrell, John, Merchant NavyStorekeeperJean Jadot
BritishFranco, Horacio, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardJean Jadot
FrenchFrenet, Bernardin, Merchant Navy32FiremanJean Jadot
FrenchGhalil Abdal, , Merchant Navy27FiremanJean Jadot
BelgianGillis, Karel, Merchant NavyAble SeamanJean Jadot +
BritishHaddow, Robert, Merchant NavyAble SeamanJean Jadot
BritishHamilton, Cyril, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
BritishHammond, Roy, Merchant NavyAssistant EngineerJean Jadot
BelgianHavermaet, August, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanJean Jadot
BelgianHenriksen, Hans, Merchant NavyChief Engineer OfficerJean Jadot
BelgianHillen, Theophile, Merchant NavyChief StewardJean Jadot
BelgianHofstetter, Corneel, Merchant NavyMess Room StewardJean Jadot
FrenchJulienne, Robert, Merchant Navy38GreaserJean Jadot
FrenchKande, Diallo, Merchant Navy51FiremanJean Jadot
BritishKitcher, Cecil, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
FrenchKoukou, Prosper, Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot
RussianKovtounenko, Jean, Merchant NavyAble SeamanJean Jadot
BelgianLéonard, Alphonse, Merchant NavyChief OfficerJean Jadot
FrenchLisse, Mendy, Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot +
BritishMacGoldrich, Joseph, Merchant NavyOrdinary SeamanJean Jadot
BelgianMachielsen, Roger, Merchant Navy22Able SeamanJean Jadot
FrenchMakita, Auguste, Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot +
FrenchMamady, Sylla, Merchant Navy36DonkeymanJean Jadot
BelgianMasscho, Pieter, Merchant Navy45Chief CookJean Jadot
BelgianMeeuwis, Marcel, Merchant Navy34Chief Cook (Troops)Jean Jadot
FrenchMohammed Ben Kaddour, , Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot +
FrenchMohammed Chaibi, , Merchant NavyFiremanJean Jadot
FrenchMohammed Mokbel, , Merchant Navy32FiremanJean Jadot
BritishMorgan, Frederic, DEMS gunner (Sergeant)Jean Jadot
BritishPaterson, Eddy, Merchant NavySecond Baker (Troops)Jean Jadot
BelgianPeters, Jozef, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanJean Jadot
BritishPreston, James, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
BelgianPrié, Jean, Merchant NavyMasterJean Jadot
BelgianRidderbeeckx, Hippolyte, Merchant NavyPurserJean Jadot
BritishRoberts, Ernest, Merchant NavyCabin BoyJean Jadot
FrenchRomary, Jean, Merchant Navy21Galley BoyJean Jadot
FrenchSamba, M’Draye, Merchant Navy45FiremanJean Jadot
BelgianSchoeters, Jan, Merchant Navy30Boatswain (Bosun)Jean Jadot
BelgianSchroeyens, Joannes, Merchant NavySecond OfficerJean Jadot
BritishSmith, Walter, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot
LatvianSvanenbergs, Aleksis, Merchant Navy37DonkeymanJean Jadot
BelgianTaymans, Felix, Merchant NavyCadetJean Jadot
BelgianVan Bosch, Alexander, Merchant Navy33Second CookJean Jadot
BelgianVan Stayen, Jan, Merchant NavySecond Engineer OfficerJean Jadot
BelgianVan Steenlandt, Petrus, Merchant Navy46Assistant StewardJean Jadot
BelgianVandermeulen, Louis, Merchant NavyFifth Engineer OfficerJean Jadot
BelgianVanhoutte, Maximiliaan, Merchant NavyAble SeamanJean Jadot +
BelgianVerhaeren, Frans, Merchant Navy40Second Cook (Troops)Jean Jadot
BelgianVerhas, François, Merchant NavyRadio OfficerJean Jadot
BelgianVermeer, Jan, Merchant Navy40Able SeamanJean Jadot
BelgianVits, Jozef, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanJean Jadot
BelgianWouters, Jean-Baptiste, Merchant Navy31Fourth Engineer OfficerJean Jadot
BritishYoung, Thomas, DEMS gunnerJean Jadot

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